Petrol chaos in Italy

In Italy, last night began a real psychosis motorists - the owners of all vehicles are in line wanting to fill the tanks, cans, jars and bottles with gasoline to make a reserve for the future, which is uncertain because of the strike of truck drivers and taxi drivers, which can last up to 10 days. Samvit difficult situation today in Sicily.
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Authorities obescheayut that by the end of the day the situation is normalized, and say that at the gas station will adjust the amount of additional benzovozov.Beda in the fact that people other than gas stations and decided to empty shelves in supermarkets where almost disappeared dairy products, meat and mineral water.

Meanwhile, gasoline prices rose by 1, 80 euros, and most gas stations hung up on the column classified draining fuel or prevention.

Which began a week ago, the stock affected all regions of the country, without exception. Strikers blocked the traffic on the streets of major cities and avtotrassah.Voditeli truck and taxi drivers are protesting against the increase in gasoline taxes, low wages and the liberalization of the sector carried out in the life of the government of Mario Monti.

"Truck voyages between Milan and southern Italy spends on the road up to 700 liters of gasoline. Due to the rise in prices in the past year, we lose on this stretch of 120 euros. If you make six spans, you lose 600 euros. These people in the government do not realize what they are doing, they themselves do not pay! "

Were held hostage, motorists understand the strikers: "They are right, that block the road, given that 90% of citizens are moved on wheels" ... "Well done, that fight for their rights! Nothing, if they create problems for us. "

The program involves the liberalization of the transport sector, inter alia, the removal of restrictions on the number of licenses, you can practice carrying. Taxi drivers, most of them Italians fear that innovation will lead to a shortage of jobs and a sharp decline in prices.

Prime Minister Mario Monti, in response to criticism of the situation said that parvitelstvennye measures are the key to development and will be able to continue to provide income growth.



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