The Chinese have found a compromise again

In China, there was again a nuance when building a house, this time more interesting.
High-rise buildings planned to put straight to the cemetery, the graves of relatives suggested moving, but not all agreed.
It so happened that one grave was inside this house.
Over time, the problem was solved, the grave was moved and continued the construction of elite residential complex. Surprise Chinese (3 photos)

In the city of Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China, last year started construction of a new elite residential complex.

In China, such uchastkinazyvayutsya controversial and is generally known as the "nail house", and developers will often continue to build around them, until the problem is solved. In this case, too, it was exactly the same.

The tomb belonged to the family of Jinzhu Changstoyala 10 meters above the foundation half a month. This week it became known that the family Jinzhu reached an agreement with a consortium producing building is going and got 800 yuan ($ 128 USD) in compensation. Platforms and bridges were built for burial removal. The family had four coffins and gravestones have been removed from the site.


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