The history of high-altitude installation

In our small advertising Cantor asked one customer. The conversation began from afar ... Like he needs to print a couple of banners. Printed, and gave the man disappeared. After a couple of months turned up unexpectedly large order and then we realized that a couple of advertising banners was just for starters. Below is the story of one day in the promotional pictures.

Will be 24 photos with commentary, please do not break. I will inform you at the end.

snaryagu for zaveshivaniya on top.

Skyscraper papered 447 square meters of self-adhesive film. pasted on the windows. There were about 260 members and all were numbered.
pictured looking the desired number)

Ruslan, most nimble installer) he same red and hilarious)

empty mansion penthouse capital vysotki- new building. Soon there will be hanging out wealthy tenants

Alps rope on the background of the facade glued advertising

climbed the most is the visor. there found a rock painting of local builders for 2009y year I testify that the Federal Migration Service came and took the best ...

priperlo Man) a certain type not seen)

link at the height of working extremely disgusting. with any mobile operator

check with the work plan

view of the capital

glassWe! prodsedura mandatory before pasting glasses at an altitude

in a huge penthouse piled dozens of ventilation ducts

the actual film itself to rolling. on a substrate or in rolls. the way for the entire skyscraper films took as much as a third of the trunk takes exactly 4-ki VAZ - favorite car assemblers))

guys are anchored on a concrete visor and ready to be posted "overboard»

"Feed" the film is compared with the cutting of the facade and finds already sent to the stitching labels. later to see what happened)

Another followed him) to have time "to paste over" an object it took us 4 power installers "PROMALP" and 2 "worker" - a supply and fear at high-altitude works

fasten components for the "descent" of rolls and buckets on the bottom - on the facade to installers

on the facade of the perimeter of the house set chtuk 10 taps for "Facade finisher" pack we rolled glass facade, they attach the tile) is building 24 hours

I was asleep at dinner))))))

weigh) long caught the frame

Well, here it is ... the night the capital. Honestly, I never saw his native city from such a height. When you look at the sleeping areas ... and last night the twinkling window, visit philosophical thoughts about what's down there then boils whose life and whose problems ... beautiful and peaceful)

little blue tualetik on a nearby tower) work there "Monolitchiki" poured concrete and rebar shoved into it)

sfotkal colleague. sit on the valve protruding from the concrete wall was extremely oblomno, but went for a cool photo!

well ... and that's what happened ...))
proud of the work)
many associated with this object.
such as the case when the gazelle brought floor spotlights and elevator at a construction site turned off for repairs and we were walking in the spotlight 12- kilogram 29y floor stairs with flashlights)
week assembly threw 3.5 pounds)
THANK YOU!) I have everything!



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