Sectional doors for garages: the installation with your own hands

If you decide to install in the garage sectional doors with their own hands, this article will be very useful. It will help to understand with instruction, stages of installation, will talk about the possible complexities and nuances which can arise in the process.

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Briefly about the design features of sectional doors

From the point of view of aesthetics and functionality of a sectional gate, perhaps, no equal. This modern invention is a sealed cloth from metal sections, which is moving on bearing rollers on metal rails. In the open state, there are two possible placement of the canvas:

The horizontal canvas is put under the ceiling parallel to the floor. vertical fabric is vertically above the door opening. Uncommon for standard garages. Forty three million four hundred sixteen thousand eight hundred eighty four


Control gates can be manual or automatic. Due to the lifting power mechanism, the weight of the door is compensated, and the canvas opens with light pressure. Automatic control involves the lifting or lowering of the cloth with the electric drive, which is usually driven by a remote control.


The balancing mechanism of the door leaf, which actually makes them easier to open manually, can be of two types: extension springs and torsion. A tension spring to allow manufacturers to reduce the cost of design of the gate. Mechanism less metal, easier to manufacture and install. Torsion is considered more reliable and durable mechanism.

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Self-Assembly of sectional doorsManufacturers of sectional doors for standard openings offer convenient kits-designers "do it yourself", which include the necessary fittings and fixtures. If the opening is non-standard, will have to order a gate for individual measurements, but then the customer receives a complete product, ready to install.


Preparatory work and necessary toolSectional doors are installed on the inner surface of the opening wall and the lintel, which must meet certain requirements:

You need to ensure the flatness of the mounting surfaces. For every 2 meters should be no deviations in plane by more than 5 mm. the height of the lintels shall meet the requirements brought by product and type of installation. Gender is the starting point, its smoothness is important when setting and adjusting springs. Outside you need to ensure water drainage in the field of floor seal and support pillars. The space for installation should be free from other building structures, ventilation, piping. Forty million six hundred ninety seven thousand three hundred ten


Before installation on both sides of the opening, apply the timing marks at a distance of 1 meter from the ground level. From them spend the perpendiculars, two vertical stripes, denoting the attachment of the main guide.



Mounting vertical frames carrying a frameInstallation begins with installing the sealing of the panels and their subsequent trimming, if the guide is not provided by the manufacturer of the Assembly.

Support legs connect with the batten of the press bolts. Collect the woodwork only in a horizontal position on a level floor.

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Mount vertical rails to the wall, follow the instructions with screws, dowels, screws or screws-grouse, depending on the wall material of the opening. Deviation of mutual location of the profile height should not exceed 3 mm, and the vertical — 1 mm per 1 m length.


Importantly! Not allowed alignment of the frame with foam or wooden pegs, in extreme cases, you can use a metal lining.


Assembly and installation of horizontal frameA horizontal guide need to connect with radius profile. The edges of the raceways of the profiles should be combined. Attach the profiles to the supporting stand. In the same way attach the other rail in parallel.

Importantly! Horizontal rails are missing in the sets of sectional doors with vertical lift type.

Then complete the fastening of horizontal profiles to the ceiling by using hangers. The front position at a distance of 90 cm from the aperture, rear — 30 cm from the edge. The other place at the same distance. Protruding parts of the suspension trim. During Assembly, be sure to check the equality of the diagonals. Assemble the rear of the jumper.


The installation of the balancing mechanism of the canvasDepending on the type of spring (torsion or tension) and the manufacturer's installation of the balancing mechanism may vary considerably. It is important to perform it strictly according to instructions specific to a particular instance gate.


Assembly and installation of the canvasBefore installing the canvas will need to collect. As a rule, all panels are numbered. Assembly start with the bottom, number 1. All sections are connected by hinges. The holes on the panels under the screws are usually prepared by the manufacturer. Unit with side supports and an intermediate loop, install the panel into the opening. Then screw the casters, install them in the slots and tighten the screws. To the outer panels secure corner brackets, the upper support roller, holders and batten after installation into the opening.


Installation and setup of accessories

Standard sectional doors are equipped with handles, latch and lock.

The handle is attached to the middle part of the bottom panel right, left or center. To install the protruding handles must be drilled 4 holes and twist the two halves of the handle screws. With the installation of mortise hardware, electric jigsaw, first cut out the outline of the mortise part.

The valve installs from the inside right or left. The bolt must be in the vertical guide hole, so to determine the exact location in advance to apply a latch to indicate the place of attachment.

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Council! When drilling in sandwich panels it is necessary to put emphasis that the drill has not passed on the designated manufacturer of the depths and did not damaged the front side of the panel.


The lock is installed on the right or left. As with valves, the bolt should be in the hole on the vertical rail, so it is necessary to indicate the place of its installation. Most often, the lock put at the bottom of the second panel.

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Check options build qualityTo assess the quality of installation, pay attention to several points.:

Outside, the gate closed, the gasket should fit snugly around the perimeter. The presence of cracks is not allowed and on the inner side in the ground near the rails to the wall. With the lights off easily check for gaps. Properly installed doors are a nice smooth running. If the distance of about one meter from the ground level gate "crash", it means the springs are balanced correctly. Move the rollers must also be free. Eighty five million eight hundred fifty seven thousand two hundred seventeen


For sealing of technological holes and gaps apply acrylic or silicone sealant or mounting foam, which does not increase in volume. If gaps greater than 5 mm, use plasters.


Upon completion of the panels remove the protective film and remove contaminants using non aggressive detergents or plain water and a soft sponge.


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