35 years old and in perfect harmony ...

The elderly, which you can see from the pictures below, call Nancy and Donald Featherstone and nothing seems to be no special in their lives, except that they always lived together and ...

... For 35 years, every day wearing the same clothes. Nancy dressmaker sewed more than 600 dresses of the same color and material. She explained that they want to show it to others how close they are.

Even if Donald is going to leave the city, but Nancy is at home, they call up and decide what will suit this day, and so for a long 35 years.

In 1976, Don, is the creator of the plastic pink flamingo, (one of the most famous lawn ornaments) made Nancy a marriage proposal and she agreed to marry him. Two years after that, Don Nancy sewed a shirt of the same material from which she wore, and since then it had become a tradition to have it.

Source: rasse1.livejournal.com


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