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I have long wanted to publish some post with pictures of life in China, but somehow it did not have the time, the inspiration, the thought that it will be not interesting ... so please do not judge strictly. As the sample will set photo report about one of the most common, routine trips. Of these, in general, life is simply the inspector one of the classification societies in China.

Will be 76 photos

So this trip began with the fact that before the boss said that it was necessary to visit one warm place, almost orange paradise - islands of the archipelago Dzhoushan that in the East China Sea and close to the hero-city of Ningbo. These islands are unique in that they are a huge number of ship repair and shipbuilding yards. These plants are court supervision of repair which we conduct. In general - the usual routine.

As in the glorious city of Ningbo only one flight from the airport in Tianjin - the morning had to get up at 5 in the morning. Staged photo, because I never sleep with a camera and after waking up do not rush to photograph everything.

At 5 am, as a rule, the Chinese people Chinese city is still asleep. The streets are still empty.

And the patio is empty, too.

Showered and shaved (there should be a plan for photo shower room, but decided it was not interesting and even a little intimate), I gather everything I need on a business trip. The most important thing - the computer, passport, stamps, the stamp and money. Everything else you can buy.

Once assembled, it looks like this. Sometime before trying to pack so that all go into a backpack. Then came the understanding that the straps on a backpack bursting because of this.

Then you need to decide how to dress. Check weather forecasts - like should not be cold.

While checking the weather forecast - breakfast. Since the early hour did not want to eat, then I have breakfast with apple juice.

Forecast - Outlook, but you need to look out into the street. The weather does not bode layovers. This view from the kitchen window I like it, especially at night.

I go out, I call the elevator. Yes, I live in blissful floor - in China is different numerology. The number 13 is not unlucky. Bad numbers are 4 and all those that contain it. Many hotels have 4th, 14th, 24th, and so on. D. Floors.

This is my approach. The output is set trash can. The idea is that in the morning, leaving the house, you can take out the trash. However, many of our Chinese brothers and sisters prefer to put the trash out the door of his apartment. In the morning the garbage collected special people from the service maintenance.

In the courtyard of some guy is engaged in gymnastics. By virtue of its own delicacy tried to take pictures of not much, so as not to embarrass him.

This again patio. I like the quarter in which I live ...

This is a security guard who is usually pretty friendly waving and smiling, but today, seeing the camera, he hid.

At the exit of the quarter is usually a taxi 2-3. I'm going in a taxi to the airport. The driver of the taxi - a woman. I usually try not to ride in a taxi, which is controlled by the lady. They usually lead neater (if this feature can be applied to the Chinese drivers), but that's difficult to explain them.

Approximately 40 minutes we reach the airport. The new airport is built in Tianjin to the Beijing Olympics in 2008. According to the plans, it built a small part of it and now he's pretty upset actively.

Each taxi is equipped with a counter with a cash register. The meter takes into account the distance and the forced parking (for example, in the "tube"). The meter 53 km and 130 yuan. Plus 10 yuan for the toll road.

At 7 am at the airport is quite crowded.

18. The same

A lot of people I do not particularly care about. I travel quite often and I already have a "golden" frequent flyer card. So feel free registers at the front for VIP customers, where all is not more than one or two people.

Before going to the VIP-hall checking information on departure - like without delay.

For all those interested - can be photographed against the backdrop of a huge A-380. Photos are printed and issued immediately.

And our handsome Airbus A-320.

Boarding - 30 minutes before departure.

In any case, I photographed inside the boarding "sleeve." The airplane asked to remove the camera, so photos of the interior of the aircraft, the flight attendants, breakfast and so on. N. Is not. Stewardesses - usually young girls, quite good-looking and slender.

Around 10 am, thank God, without incident arrive to Ningbo. The flight time - about 2 hours.

10-15 minutes getting luggage.

Specially trained people meet me and helps to bring the luggage to the car.

He has kindly agreed to be photographed, even though I did not ask.

The central island of the archipelago with the mainland Dzhoushan connects the bridge, 10 km long. Photos of his, I also did not, as almost all the way asleep. After about 2 hours to get to the hotel.

Previously this hotel was built for the party bosses. Now it is available to everyone. I stop here every time when Greek ships come in to repair Dzhoushan. The rooms in this hotel are small, but neat. The cost of about 400 yuan per night per room with breakfast.

Quickly change clothes - and forward to the ferry because I am interested in the boat is in the factory on a nearby island. The path to the ferry - about 30 minutes by car.

Ferries run every hour. My ferry berths.

The ferries carry both people and cars.

Completion of discharge.

On board the ferry turns to photograph the building of the marine station. Nothing unusual.

The passenger cabin of the ferry. All simply and accurately. Travel time - approximately 25 minutes, ticket price - 11 yuan. You can buy something to eat (mostly noodles, rice, fried sweet sausages and boiled corn), drink and drink.

Along the way were observed two species of coastal passenger ships. Speed, on the similarity of our "Comet."

And normal.

Exit the cove, where a marina, closed small islands.

On the banks of the larger islands - shipbuilding and ship repair yards.


Products such plants. Looks the part quite well.

At my destination, the island Ksiushan 2 plant. The first plant - Shipbuilding (small but very neat), the second - a joint Japan-China - building bulk carriers (ships for transportation of bulk cargo) with deadweight of 30-60 thousand tons.

At the Japan-Chinese factory is the construction of another vessel.

Ready-made ships. Vessels built under the supervision and the class of the Japanese classification society. Management and quality of service in this plant, Japanese, and therefore the court is quite high quality (not so long ago had come on board the ship construction of the plant).

Meanwhile, the approach to the dock.

Ferry gives Mooring lines and harsh Chinese docker takes them.

Marine station on a small island.

Inscriptions on the ferry made English quite ignorant, but understand what - you can.

In English there is a necessary minimum and the inscriptions on the pier and the train station, so it is difficult to get lost.

This poster is constantly infuriates me. I can understand that the girls simply work out the money ... no, I can not understand.

The output of the local taxi drivers expect. Before my plant - about 3 km, the money - 5 million yuan.

The kind aunt taxi driver (the day just lucky to aunts-taxi drivers) refused to be photographed.

Checkpoint of the plant. Inside, after a hearty dinner, sleeping 2 guard.

A sign at the entrance to the plant, which informs that the plant is guarded very seriously and complies with the requirements of the ISPS Code (Security of Ships and Port Facilities). In fact, the security guard, I was awakened and asked to sign in the Journal of visits. Documents no one checked - believe in the word. It seems to the protection of a mess. But it is not. Documents foreigner in China checked almost everywhere - when buying a ticket, the passage control at the airport, check into a hotel, in the preparation of passage on a ship. In addition, the ship's agent, make out a pass to the ship is fully responsible for your actions. So no point in bearing vigilant guard of the state border in the shipyard there.

Plant management. A small but it has everything you need.

This white refrigerator - is the purpose of my visit. Another 5 minutes later, I go up on its side and a bit of work - to verify the previously exposed requirements, fix it on the photo, framed the necessary documents,'ll give them the captain and at 17:40, the last ferry, go to the central island in the hotel.

I think something in this photo is. This status as a symbol of "our" fleet. Two similar reefer vessel: «Shanghai Reefer» (former "Klaipeda Beach") and "Memory of Lenin." Both belong to a large and well-known Greek shipping company ...

Then there was the way to the hotel, dinner at the hotel restaurant, night, etc. and so on. n.
The next morning, another driver, drove me to this eerie barge and we went to another island, whose name I do not know. The goal - examination of the oil tanker (ship carrying liquid petroleum products) in the process of repair.

On the deck of a clever cashier selling tickets. Their cost I do not know, because he does not pay.

Actually the plant itself.

Tanker our Russian. Why here, in a foreign land, you feel the craving to all Russian symbolism.

... Again the work - piece of iron inspection, checking the old requirements and the nomination of new (if inspiration is somehow made a post about his work). Again ferry.

Again eerie steam-barge.

Harsh, but probably experienced skipper (captain of the barge).

All around again - plants and factories ...

Landings. Skipper wings.

On the banks expect a driver and car is quite decent.

On the way to the hotel the weather began to deteriorate.

The archipelago Dzhoushan a lot of naval bases. Around poke posters harsh Chinese guy in the fur cap, probably calling written in the Chinese People's Liberation Red Army. Problems calling is usually not because Chinese parents pay a bribe in the induction stations to have their children taken into the army.

Then there was the hotel again, working in the room (preparation of accounting documents), dinner and overnight.

In the morning - return transfer to the city of Ningbo (2 hours). Well waiting flight to Tianjin. Ningbo airport passenger terminal.

Airbus A-320. On it I returned home safely.

On the cargo terminal of the airport of Tianjin was a Russian transport plane. What he carries away, or here brings - is unclear.

I look forward to getting luggage (about 10 minutes) - and home.

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On this, let finish my test post. Initially, they have devised a more detailed coverage of all and more photos, but as the work and the accumulation of fatigue decreased enthusiasm.
Ready to answer almost all questions. Sincerely, Opelsin.



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