He remembered his childhood

I decided to make myself a gift 23, looking a couple of posts, small parts to assemble and disassemble everything, "good" at home sitting often (. He took these things for 95 p, the other was not. He collected only on hands and knee. It turned out lousy), but the moral satisfaction received. Can be a little photo break.

3 dihloretanom pasted, instead of a brush - the handle of the rod is inserted to match, from the end of fluffed up a little bit.

4 happy to eat the spilled table


6. Hee Hee everything is OK, but the mouse is now fed up.)
this is my desktop

7. instructions. Circuits small pipets



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12. Then, as an instruction about the owl, which all lost upon the final result.

STE 13 all, I sleep, all with the past))



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