Soon, all the goods will drop 10 times

Why ink jet printers are the most expensive liquid on the planet? Because they are made from a mixture of lunar soil with the blood of American virgins?

Do not guess. Because printer manufacturers lay in the cost of ink costs for marketing, advertising, salaries of top managers, a network of dealerships and other and other ... A little bit, of course, goes on an official excuse - for research.

The real cost of ink is at least 60 times less - that such a difference is obtained by replacing in its original inkjet cartridges CISS polupiratskuyu.

If we close a look around, we realize that the prices of almost all goods are inflated by 10-100 times. Over the past century, humanity has reached great progress in science and technology. Potentially achievable productivity has increased by orders of magnitude. However, the average Earthling still forced to tear the hump to 8 hours a day to earn a pagan quality food and a close angle slabootaplivaemoy concrete kennel.

I totally agree with Anatoly Wasserman: if the "invisible hand of the market" and have ever worked, it has now clearly outdated.

Another example of the computer industry: charging. Laptops are available from the seventies of the last century - more than thirty years. However, until now we have not seen anything similar to the standard charge for notebooks. Although it would seem - what could be easier to agree on the shape of the connector, and other technical parameters. And immediately solved a lot of problems: up to the possibility of making additional outlets in the nest under the laptop and phone ... But no: the invisible hand of market forces differ.

Wherever we look, we see the same picture. Big business deliberately spoil their products to be able to keep the profits for itself at an interesting level. A classic example - disposable, bystrolomayuschiesya things. Corporations benefit only regular customers, and if the goods will be sold to the customer to serve him 20 years, a regular customer, he will not, he will buy a product once and will use it until it stops.

Therefore, if some naive entrepreneur suddenly decides to produce really high quality stuff, a few years customers had run out and he is ruined. And customers will regret later recalled: "Here, thirty years ago, my father bought such a device still works».

This is equally true for food and for household appliances and tools ... to virtually all consumer goods that can be bought in the store. Choosing the modern buyer is simple: buy or shit 20 times more expensive than it is worth, or buy a quality thing ... but to pay for it since the wrap is not 20, but 50 times. Because if you master your piece will sell quality products cheaper, he would not survive competition with actively promoting crap.

The validity of this ratio can be seen, if you just look at the range of prices. Plastic washer tank for my car costs six thousand rubles. As much as is a good puncher, consisting of several hundred parts and containing the at times large amounts of material.

However, I am far from thinking to call the sellers or manufacturers of tank huckster. I perfectly understand that the current system of market relations leaves them little room for maneuver if they do not play by the rules and lower prices, they quickly go into the minus, and destroy.

So. What I am all this.

Who it is rapidly coming into fashion so-called "crowdfunding" - gathering of ordinary people money for projects of interest to them. For example, at the beginning of the year it was completed fundraising for the recreation of the famous game Elite, which in the eighties and nineties has registered forever in the hearts of tens of millions of people. People nazhertvovali more than two million dollars, and the development of the game already is in full swing:

In addition, the Kick collect money for shooting films, the release of various tricky technical devices and other unusual projects, such as the home of three-dimensional scanner. It is understood that this method of financing for the creation of something new, for the realization of crazy ideas, which do not emit the money investors.

However, I assume that very soon the funds through crowdfunding will receive the most conventional of the company: First of all, manufacturers of different useful things in life.

For example, a businessman knows that if you put a bolt on marketing, he will be able to make cubes a la Lego is 20 times cheaper than they are worth, with no loss of quality. Of course, bribes to managers of retail chains, the colorful packaging and advertising money he had left ... but he could come up with this project to the people so that they helped him to gain the necessary amount for production.

It turns out a mutually beneficial deal. Businessman gets investment and a reliable distribution channel. Buyers get the goods they need at very low cost and - most importantly - confidence in the quality of this product. It seems more than a working model. The model, which rascally old business model - "is now 10% more without chlorine" - just can not do anything.

In fact we are so used to that we cheat sellers of goods that ceased to react, we believe it is something normal. When we learn that cola burns the stomach and chewing gum from caries does not help, we do not even wonder: rules of the game, big business has to cheat on a grand scale, otherwise it will not survive.

However, this situation is completely normal. And as soon as people will have a choice - to buy expensive shit from outright crooks or buy cheap quality stuff at people who love their work - the situation will start to change very quickly.

I note that this new model can be applied to almost all goods and services: from food and ending with a taxi. Therefore, if it will work on a national scale, we will release enormous resources that can be spent even for the construction of hospitals, at least for flights to Mars, although ideal for laying of roads throughout the vast expanse of Russia.

PS. Now I will ask Pruflink to "the most expensive liquid on the planet." Please:

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