An interesting project on the history of the USSR

An interesting project on the history of the Soviet Union - I LIKE USSR - memories of a country that no longer exists in the pictures!

Recently, a little history is illuminated by the Soviet Union, perhaps it is logical, because it gradually turns into a distant past, but is it right? Is that born in the 90's and zero at best receive information from textbooks dry?

20 photos

2. "In the modern world is completely changed over the past 25 years, the memories of the Soviet Union in their general mass changes from negative to positive. Today, it is the memories of his youth, childhood. People there were smiling, sky - blue, the sun - bright, cinema - good.

3. For me, it's all my feelings of childhood. For many years I collect items from my Soviet childhood! I have a strong craving for old things, receivers, greeting cards, household items.

4. In general, my passion for the subjects and the USSR and the second my passion for photographic art prompted me to create a photoblog. I hope that the actions I can give this topic interested positive emotions, memories of childhood, adolescence, most of those sunny days »

5. With the help of these cards here in the USSR touting cars of its own production. It looks like viral marketing was born in the Soviet Union and perhaps even earlier. It was assumed the man peeking they want to buy a Zhiguli or constipation, thus it is required to show their cards to friends (viral effect).



8. In recent years, in the history of the Soviet Union were extremely heavy economic and political aspects. The deep crisis clearly displayed on people's faces, and poverty and unemployment are literally forced to fight for survival. Photographs made famous photojournalist Peter Tёrnli (Peter Turnley) shortly before the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990-91.




12. Another pair of beautiful cards impregnated atmospherics that time ... Class!


14. The first steps of capitalism in the USSR. In the 80s in the big cities became available Glass bottles of Pepsi, and in places where citizens have been established for marine machines with pop.

15. Physics and lyrics - the theme of the early '60s. The famous landmark picture of Vladimir Tarasevich "Duel" in 1963

16. Today, May 25, the birthday of twice Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-cosmonaut Georgy Grechko!

17. Oldschool'ny solarium:)))

18. Cork? No, not heard:)

19. Money in cash, Zaza to the masses!)

20. Add your pictures, and you and Images!



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