Buying an apartment in Bulgaria.

A couple of years ago my wife and I decided that the pension is not far off, and it would be necessary to find a peaceful, warm and pleasant place to stay than Moscow and Russia. We chose Bulgaria, which had a number of undoubted advantages: a warm climate, sea, similar to the Russian language, the low prices on food, friendly local people, some no Europe, and most importantly - the possibility of year-round residence for wealthy retirees, the Moreover, if you own property there.
Therefore, in September 2012 we went with my wife for a week in Varna (a city of the future, we stay determined in advance) to see what's there and how much. Basically, how much real estate in Bulgaria was known in advance, so focused on the search for the district of Varna, where we wanted to live.

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We looked at the center (many old buildings, noisy, with parking at all the trouble), a number of the outlying areas of the neighborhood and stopped at Vinnitsa. It is a quiet edge of town, mostly private homes and low-rise buildings, at the same time to the city center 25 minutes by bus or 15 minutes by car. James Varna does not happen, so the time is accurately displays the distance from the edge of the center.
Walking through the area, we stumbled upon (what luck!) Rummaging pit dwelling house ... and the owner-developer of the building. He showed us all the permits for the house, the right to land and more. Everything looked very convincing, there was a bunch of blue prints and we decided on this major purchase. So I had to look at our home design documentation:

3. The place we liked: the left of the house the forest and a protected area, on the right - the low private houses, in front - blue tender sea, and next to no construction will not be in principle.
As a result, we have gained a 4-room apartment with balcony and terrace, with a cellar 7 square meters, as well as a gorgeous view of the sea. The apartment includes free 2 parking spaces near the house (by the way, in Bulgaria forbidden to build new houses without parking machines tenants). The total area of ​​133 sq documents made. m, however, the Bulgarians at this point is typically cunning and the total area under their laws include the area of ​​the walls, staircases, ladders, etc. So, to find out "Russian" area of ​​the apartments must be "Bulgarian" reduced by 30-35%.
The total cost of this miracle was about 82 million euros, the payment is in stages as the construction of our homes. Apartments are fully supplied with water and electricity for final finishing.
During the year of the pit gradually grew our building. First came the foundation:

October 2012 g .:

6. In the winter of work in inhuman conditions were:

7. In the spring began to emerge something like a house (March 2013) .:

April 2013 r .:

May 2013 r .:

It looked like our house in July 2013 .:

And it can be seen from the balconies of our apartment:

In September, the developer has planned to obtain a very important document - the act №16, which corresponds to the reception of the building commissioned by the state and the completion of the construction phase. The next step will be the construction of the second and third buildings adjacent to our house (visible cleared under the pit area to the right of the house). From digging the pit to the finished house was 1 year, as promised.
Once again I want to note that all did themselves no intermediaries and assistants. As I wrote, the will of fate, we went directly to the owner of the building and the works that were with him directly. It all helped with the design, it appears that is not so scary. Although the Internet there are lots of stories about unscrupulous vendors and different kidalovo. Now just after the act №16 to register with the tax payment for the annual real estate tax and to issue contracts for water and electricity.



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