Holiday in Bulgaria with a child

I decided to create a small report on a trip to Bulgaria with his wife and child (1, 4 years). Rest was chosen taking into account a small trip and that was the sea, bathing a child. The permit cost $ 70,000 for two. Child free of charge.

Let's go.

The flight was at 5 am, transferred all of its fine. The child was asleep half way. In European countries, there is a population of 14-00, including or have to "like" or negotiate with the reception. We were able to "negotiate" (Bulgarians love chocolate, they bought our sweets).

Pictures will be chaotic, sorry. But I will try to explain and describe

We lived in the hotel "Kotva" located at the beginning or Sunny Beach Sunny Beach or in our city and around Nessebar (about 4 km.). We went to him on the bus (1 lev) and steam (3 leva).

Will be 43 photos

About the hotel. Hotel - 4 stars, is located in the form of a letter H, 2 swimming pools (adult and children) and a water park. Rooms are cleaned every day, bed sheets changed every 2 days. Took only breakfast, it is possible. In the evening, sometimes went to their restaurant, I would say 3 out of 5. There is a cafe "Black Pearl", there is cook.

In pictures of their hash. There is a vegetable plus "sour mlyako" - like prostakvashu

For fee plus 10 euros per day received apartments since baby is sleeping in the afternoon. But there is an opportunity to see the plate and all kinds of occupations do

second room

and bathroom with toilet

View of the hotel. That plus a children's pool "spills over" into the adult

What about going to the beach in 11-00 hours.



PS Guide "pleased" that the Bulgarians like to sunbathe topless. But most unfortunately seen 5-7 girls bolgar.javascript: add_smilie (& quot;: alik: & quot;)

Cafe "Black Pearl", made by the film "Pirates of the Caribbean»

View of the entrance to the water park

View of the "Sunny Beach" from the locomotive was riding in the "Old Nessebar»


View our beach

We drive to the "Old Nessebar»

I do not get enough attention from others. Hug me and sundry.

The old town is separated from the new bridge, and that's what you will be greeted on arrival to the Old City.

All that remains of the old fortress. Now protected by UNESCO

This is the church in the city. Description below fasten


another church



description. Church is all very nice


And the acting Church.

Bought there the child icon and chain. What is most interesting when we baptize, just give the cross and all. Bulgarians they were baptized by the name, ie cross or an icon only for you. Unfortunately, "priest" is not caught, because he always somewhere to go. Sometimes, or in the morning or in the evening

The beach in the old town

The view from the cafe. Cafe there, "bunch", but prices


That's the beauty of growing straight "over you" in a cafe

Museum Nesebar, I advise to visit if you have the opportunity to

And this is how the city streets look

The plate with the name of the city

Excuse me, but on this inscription my wife and I laughed all the time that there were. It seems very "spoiled" people

New Nessebar

Here, with his wife made a tattoo

Another church in the old town.


The old fortress, where the Bulgarians defended from enemies

View on the way to the beach. The beaches have public, but can be rented. Usually near the toll area is free. Anatomic - 8 lion umbrella - 8 lion.


Next to us was a café with the "ancient Bulgarian" themed


and another

ALL. You can kick.

PS Opportunities to go on the tour was not as baby slept in the afternoon. And to sleep in a bus or a boat, we were afraid. If you have any questions - I will try to answer.



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