The mother of six children gave birth to triplets

Muscovite Elena Karavaeva, the mother of six children, gave birth to triplets in a Moscow hospital. Happy mother of many children have been discharged home.
In late October, in one of the capital's families had happened important event came to light at the same time three baby. While raising six Karavaevi already, preparing to adding to this a few years.
 - These children we waited for almost 2 years, - says Elena Karavaeva - I had problems in gynecology, but still we are trying to give birth to them.
Now happy mother does not easily account for: triplets were born almost two months prematurely and underweight. For two weeks my mother actually lives in the department of pathology. It is recognized that the Charter, but to cope.

Two sisters - Catherine and Daria and brother Gregory the seventh, eighth and ninth child in the family.
 - A large family, I would like to have from childhood, - says Elena.
The last ten years she almost always went to the pregnant woman, but surprisingly in the address does not pay attention. While triplets not written, a large mother not often able to spend a lot of time at home.
By the way, live in Karavaevi normal kopeck piece, which is barely enough room for everyone. But the father of the family jokes on occasion you can even find a free corner to put there the offender.
Now, the whole big family is looking forward to when it will come home to the new full members, and until the day of discharge was scheduled for Monday. And yet - they reported it a secret - in the next year is planned Karavaevs housewarming. Moscow Mayor's Office identified the family of four-room apartment in the south of the capital.



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