Who was the mother of celebrities is closer to forty

Famous actress is not afraid to late delivery. More and more famous women push back the birth of a child "for later", upopno making career and providing material wealth to future offspring. They are beautiful, highly paid and successful, but many of them admit: before the birth of their life was incomplete. Look who became mother of the stars in closer to 40.

In February 2008, she became a mother of Jennifer Lopez. In 39-year-old singer was born just two kids - Max and Emma.

Though Jennifer herself about the details of his birth are not covered, they say that it was not without artificial insemination.

In 2007, 41-year-old Salma Hayek gave birth to daughter Valentina Paloma. For the actress, it was the first pregnancy - it looks like it has not been able to find a suitable father for her child.

And only met the French billionaire Francois Henri Pinault, decided it was time! Her husband had already had two children from a supermodel Linda Evangelista.

Marina Zudin with her husband and daughter Oleg Tabakov. The actress decided on a second pregnancy relatively late, when they had a daughter, Masha, she was 40 years old, and her husband Oleg Tabakov - 71.

Happy father at the birth of the baby with her was not there: he was present at the birth of their first child, and more to repeat this experience would not. In addition, during pregnancy, it became clear that due to improper location of the fetus expectant mother had a cesarean.

Nicole Kidman and her daughter Sunday Rose.

In the 11 years of her marriage to Tom Cruise, the actress has not been able to become pregnant: in the first years of marriage, she had a miscarriage, and then somehow did not work out. And just divorced and married a second time for the country - singer Keith Urban, 41-year-old Nicole gave birth to a daughter.

Madonna thought about heirs rather late. Daughter Lourdes, she gave birth to 38 years. When a son Rocco, she was 42.

At 37 years old Tatiana Dogileva suddenly realized that waits for the child. Pregnancy was unplanned: the actress has never concealed that children start she was not going. & quot; I looked at the children of her friends, and nothing but horror and disgust never experienced: solid moods and complete dissolution of his personality in this creature -rasskazyvala it in an interview, -C since my outlook completely changed & quot ;. Now her daughter Katya 14 years.

Elena Proklova married quite early and at age 18 gave birth to a daughter, Arina, but soon divorced. The second time the actress married only after 10 years. In this marriage she had twin boys were born, but the family suddenly come upon a great mountain, babies died soon after birth. Life with her second husband after the death of the children had no luck. In the third marriage Elena gave birth to a child, who died on the eighth day.

After the tragedy of the actress for a long time came to himself, and yet decided on a fifth child. Now her daughter Pauline, she gave birth to 40 years, turned 12.

In 2004, 37-year-old Julia Roberts gave birth to twins Hazel Patricia and Walter Finneusa. The actress admits that after unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant, she went to in vitro fertilization.

Halle Berry has not been able to conceive a child - she even began collecting negative pregnancy tests. But then the star met male model Gabriel Aubry, who was 10 years younger than her. And they all turned out!

At 41 'the girlfriend of James Bond "gave birth to a lovely daughter. To celebrate, she gave Gabriel "Mercedes". And he answers promised that cast her if she grow fat after giving birth.

Marcia Cross twins. The star of the series "Desperate Housewives," has given birth to twins Savannah and Eden in February 2007, a month before his 45th birthday.

Olga Drozdov has long dreamed of becoming a mother, but had to wait a long pregnancy. August 7, 2007, the actress had a son weighing 3 kilos 800 grams and 52 centimeters of growth. The couple named the baby rare name Elisha.

The star of the film & quot; 9 1/2 Weeks & quot; Kim Basinger decided to give birth in 42 years. Pregnancy took seriously, in the first six months, Kim was suffering from severe toxicity. But suffering was worth it - Kim and her husband - the actor Alec Baldwin's daughter, Island. True stellar couple eventually divorced, and for a long time shared a daughter.

His first son of actress Jodie Foster gave birth to 36 years and the second in 39. The names of both fathers Jody kept secret. Rumor has it that the actress, known for its gay, gave birth with the help of the tube.


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