I own a business or "dream come true idiot"

Good day, dear YaPovtsy!

Perhaps we should start from the beginning, that would be clear where was born the idea of ​​opening the opening of the studio.
"It was evening - there was nothing»

Come, then, to me once my favorite, and says:
"I do not want to be the mistress of the sea, and I want people saying" klats-klats "to do.
I realized only yesterday that I am a creative person, and I want to carry a great weight. »

Next: courses, schools, master classes and spun ...

Well, something like this was my husband photographer, and judging by the amount of work, a growing number of loyal customers, etc. like as even very good.
But the essence of my opus is not about that. And, as you know how we have decided to open his own studio.

We started of course with the search space.
(search for money for "undertaking" is a different story)
Not to say that you were looking for a very long time, it is a decent option turned up literally within 2 weeks of searching.
Good location, real 2 minutes. from the metro station and basically not very high price for a square.
And so on with the picture itself room in the form in which it was we got to show I can not, because there was no electricity.
Garbage really was almost knee-deep, and in some places above the waist.
After signing all the necessary papers and the release of the premises from the trash we got here it

Quality on the verge of melancholy, because of poor lighting and dust, which was a solid wall. Dvas.



Posting that still ...
as you understand, is the industrial building is still time ...

In general, the documents are signed, money lent and invested, work has begun to boil.

unfortunately because of the constantly dirty hands photographed not all.
but it was enough to posts related to repairs, so I think everyone already knows how it is done with plasterboard wall sheathing.

own decisions bind all plasterboard was dictated by the presence of all kinds of air ducts and other irregularities

Brought unfinished fireplace. rather fake fireplace.
originally made for the house, but the party in the face of the beloved said NECESSARY!

the principle of the fireplace is quite simple?
Frame profile
sheathed in the same favorite plasterboard, we decorate the rear of what we want.
In this case, the liner is done under here is such a stone.

and when I did not think it would have to be transported, as it is not worried about the weight.

frankly is taken down from the second and picked up on the 4th (industrial) floor - gave birth to twins at a low.
Pandora went 150 kilograms commercials ...

What was needed was the music and the choice of a tape recorder or piano - chose the latter :)
it is already collecting on the interior quietly ...

it was originally black, but not in harmony with the picture in the mind of the beloved ...
Well ...
sandpaper, primer, paint made some adjustments :)

Ceilings have room 4, 5 m. we do not need so much, so the wall was equal to the height of the drywall.
then there is no need.

cool paint dries poorly.
so dry the gas gun and passing bask themselves.

Chains ... my pride and nightmares ...
This is a trial version. from which by the way nifiga not work and had to once again alter tsat ** ...

Bud hayloft.
the principle is the same as with plasterboard, but use the board.

terms of burn, rent dripping, we do not have time ...

I had to man up workplace berth ...
sometimes for 2-3 days did not go anywhere :(

A serious break in the line ...
No Electricity.
but as I said above all dates!
Money has taken a loan, and there is no one interested in the difficulties encountered ...
take 5kW generator rental.

Incidentally I thought it was much more expensive ...
It turned 100 UAH per day.

Because the room on the 4th floor and did not much want to suffocate,
finalizing the exhaust system :)

Now almost stinks.
the main thing that would not be accepted by the barrel exhaust sniper :) :) :)
but it still shows the mask will come :)

especially when the shoot was not, and was not going to spread + hands constantly in the paint, the plaster, the adhesive, so that a further results of our monthly holiday resort on the best labor.

Remember fireplace!?!

white ugly divorce is jammed names of the photographer or studio name.
so did not consider for advertising

Another fireplace ...

Again fireplace ...
but a more recent photo.

almost a year earlier.

and here is the piano.

Chains ...
after all the torments ...

Old window also killed in handy for shooting

little miss ...
I have been washed down the fence.
customers have nicknamed the area why the child :)
bed "type of artificial grass»
assembled shop and bought a bike-wrought bed

Remember at the beginning of the sofa?
And here he is, but in a different status

General view of the white zone

gradually the question arose from the dressing room.
which is a matter of urgency has been completed yet

Oh, and I suffer from the ceiling Armstrong is not useful to the open spaces and did not consider the instructions

dressing room again.

and a dressing room again.

people began to actively its juzat like a movie set.
Well ...
their right

The first model is not homosapiens :)

She ...



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