Updated Russia. Hello curtain?

Will remove half of foreign films in cinemas, banned games promoting fascism. Entertained only patriotic

The first bill:
The number of foreign directors of films should be no more than 50% of the total rental - And the rest of the films will make domestic production. The author of the bill, Robert Schlegel says: "We basically show American films that promote stereotypes, national interests and values ​​of the United States. Many of these tapes shoddy. Russia is able to produce his film, which will be interesting to the audience ».

The second bill:
Prohibit the distribution of computer games containing information aimed at propaganda of war, incitement of national, racial or religious hatred and enmity. Under it is possible to bring most of the computer games from Super Mario to Batlfilda4.
And here is the author of the bill says: "The seizure of power neo-fascists and the subsequent events in Ukraine have shown that the full increase penalties for offenses related to indirect promotion and rehabilitation of Nazism - current political issues. Such propaganda is conducted including through seemingly innocent things - video games. However, their ultimate goal may be to discredit the historical past of Russia, its current status, the formation of a negative image of the country for foreign citizens and in the eyes of his countrymen. And with this we should fight. »

Five cents. Just breathe becomes easier. And, you can enter the same quota in restaurants 4 days a week only Russian, 50% of the songs in the karaoke local artists, 50% of the parts in cars made by officials in Russia and 50% clothes on state and municipal employees in Russia. That's when you can begin to live like human beings


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