Note the unknown in the door of a car!

It so happened that for the past month trying to sell his beloved car. Well, until the severe frosts, it is worth it in my yard, all in a painted ads. Sometimes I notice the kids from the balcony that surrounds it, and looking at all facilities, and, of course, the presence of the speedometer most cherished tsiferok - 260 km / h, 280 km / h, 300 km / h and etc. (In our times, it was possible to contemplate 320 on the speedometer). Well, I go down to the car this morning and saw a note on the door and think to myself: - "Most likely, the threat in my address! for my exhaust, which is quite cheerful sounds in the morning, especially in the warm-up ", but it turned out that the message I leave, most likely, a schoolboy and junior classes, which I smiled, and by that I decided to share with you!) Not everyone Bring iPads and iPhones, there are regular kids :)

3 Photo © Igor Meshchaninov





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