As I washed down the computer desk for maman

We decided to attach it as a Mom-to-computer literacy - presented new laptop. Mastering classmates was successful, and a simple notebook was not enough for comfortable operation - poor vision - had to buy the monitor, and the monitor once already - do not put a fig and a stationary computer, and leave the laptop at work and not to drag up and down. So I stopped in one day to visit his parents and led to a proposal maman go buy a computer desk. Who has had the good fortune to choose furniture with women - I understand - traveled all the furniture stores, examined all that could only remotely resemble computer desk. Starting with simple models of 2, 5 thousand and has reached to the facilities at a price not inferior to the laptop - it's not - or do not intermeddle table itself or MFP nowhere to stick or crawl is unrealistic. Too specific TK - push a table in the corner of the sofa and be able to access both sides. In general the mood began to deteriorate, and I decided to nafig - gashes himself - the kitchen is currently gashes - which I can not do it with a table?

14 photo.

1. was filed was a project (as an engineer, EPT) at the rate of climb on a scrap chipboard long gathering dust behind the cupboard and was "slightly" improved ordered it, to observe the process on Skype. Barely managed to cram onto a new sheet of chipboard. I went to the shop, ordered a cut and rolled celebrating 2 weeks)

2. After the holidays took firewood. Ride purchased hardware, fastening and legs, which was especially hard to find for the right price. The apartment is cramped and dirty, it was decided not to breed - brought the wood to the country

3. What is the building superintendent no?))

4. It went - warm up on a box

5. folding puzzle - what than to connect and how to use dowels to structure is not collapsed - could not steamed, and all turn to SCREW, but did not want to spoil the view of plugs

6. The process is

7. zasverlivaem stoleshku for the add

8. The top is finished - hooray!

9. crashed feet to stand. Such are self-made guides helped not drill through such valuable items. In the background card cut - as can be seen, the leaf used to the maximum

10. The guide had to take full extension - the required length of roller was not - found it even easier to install than conventional roller

11. Brothers kEtaytsy rocks! - Cheap, worthless corner clamp - for himself the most), and is 15 times cheaper kastoramovskogo analog

12. Bottom collected - have ended up with a bro-in-law and under pivas, because part of the process forgot to shoot

13. They brought to the apartment and installed in place

14. All clearly climbed, the lid opens on MFP - left school with Claudia - it does not fit into the slot - the guide ate once a centimeter - come then twisted)
And Paul found himself oochen curve and how to align the table - legs were loosened to the maximum practical.

The last time threw the question "How much?" Because once cite estimates it curve, but you can understand (number / value of units / number)

chipboard 1 1585 1585
edge 0.4mm May 25, 5137, 5
edge 2mm October 27, 5275
edging 0.4 mm 24 16 384
edging 2mm 10 35 350
dopdetali 10 April 40
scythe after 2 20 40
radii 6,100,600
a bowl of loop 2 30 60
sawing chipboard 1,225,225
Area 5 4 5 22 5
Plug a cable 1 August 8
Bearing 2160320
Markers for dowels 1 81 81
Pen meb February 25 50
evrovint 50 1 50
Flange D25 2 November 22
dowel pc 1 100 24 24
Loop meb Removable, February 20 40
Magnet 1 5 5
Screws 3, 5x16 100 pieces 1 32 32
guides 450mm 2 70 140
April 5 feet 20

Total 4511 p

No matter how many took away furniture manufacturers - I have no idea, but the money would have kissed a couple of kilometers of nerve cells as a furniture makers and maman, for TZ I was repeatedly and recent changes have been made already on the way to shop for phone%)

All I finished - can kick) Just keep in mind that the design - not my doing - I'm just a performer)



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