Who Lives Well in Russia.

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As I reported yesterday, concerned citizens, working for an interesting object in the vicinity of Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi, making out there interiors, yesterday sent me a series of photographs. Employers informed them that this "cottage Medvedev" and hurried: it was necessary to finish the work for the Olympics. Of course, hardly Dmitry Anatolyevich recorded the structure itself, for that he has, for example, the fund "The Gift", which is the official owner of the "cottages Medvedev" Pleso, as well as a large piece of land cut from the reserve "Big Utrish" in Anapa . I do not rule out that it takes place in securities like some "house receptions Gazprom" or "fitness center Sberbank", but it is unlikely. Whatever it was, at the construction site seen not only Mr President, but Svetlana Vladimirovna.

Let's begin our little excursion.

The entrance to the estate (do not know whether the chief). On the left - the house with a garage for the protection of the right - a helipad. On the other side of the fence - something modal, built by Gazprom.

But on the manor house itself gorochku:

That is to say, hallway. In it for some reason, two fireplaces. Lift can take you to the second floor where the bedrooms. With the third, I do not know.

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While the stay on the ground floor:


This master's office. On the walls of pictures: Putin and Medvedev skiing.

It is - it is not clear what. Perhaps the furnace some Russian symbolizing buckles.

Here, on the first floor, there is a modest pool:

As well as a sauna, Turkish bath and a small gym.



Well after the bathhouse or pool drink a mug of cold beer:



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