Why Russians cruel? (for example, rhesus)

Many wonder why almost all resonates legislative or judicial decisions in Russia are associated with undue, excessive cruelty.

Do not take the "classics" - the "law of Dima Yakovlev", which resulted in 33 child Petersburg lost the opportunity to be adopted by the Americans (Russian parents today found only one), or "dvushechku» Pussy Riot c prison followed pressure from Hope Tolokonnikova. Let's look at things far removed from politics.

For example, the brutality of the persecution of smokers under the new law. I do not smoke, tobacco smoke unpleasant to me - but what to demand from airports destroy the special smoking room, where no one no one interfered with? Why torture smoker's long-distance trains, it banning smoking not only in the vestibule (this is somehow possible to understand!), But every little station on the platform?

Or - will do the same step towards policy - why, arresting the ship Arctic Sunrise, had for months to pack up in the bullpen in general the whole crew, including photographs, coca and the ship's doctor? Oh doctor then what ?! He is obliged to help everyone - the Communists and the Nazis, liberals and conservatives, orthodox Wahhabis and the elders. Occupation of this - to be out of the game. Its what for - imprisoned in the game ?!

Even more surprisingly, the unjustified cruelty supports the majority of Russians. With the arrest teams Arctic Sunrise agree, for example, 56% of respondents (data, "Levada Center"). And when Navalny prison sentence was replaced with a conventional, he was considered "too soft" 46% of respondents, while "too harsh" - only 8% (VTsIOM).

That is, the people and the party united - at least in cruelty.

I know several explanations for this unity - the inevitable in autocracies duplicity, when people meet "as required", rather than what they really think (that's why the reality we often denies sociology) - up phrases like: "Are you for a long time been in the subway at rush hour? Yes, we all do the same all the hate! ».

But recently, my Friend to Learn, ironic intellectual with the nickname bauris, sent a quote from the brilliant book "Naughty child biosphere" biologist, ethologist Victor Dolnik (who, unfortunately, died this November. A remarkable book Dolnik heartily recommend. Dol'nikov, incidentally, devoted its "Birds" Andrew bits). I quote: "to leave the world is male baboons - a strong, rough, power-hungry, but not vile animals - and care for the flock macaque monkeys smaller and poorly armed ... The struggle for dominance means a lot in life male macaques, but not being so cruelly. They do not need the dominant union, because macaques have a very vile instinctive program (common in some other gregarious animals, such as dogs). It should be a dominant start to punish one of his subordinates, others rush to help him: screaming, thrown into the punished feces, trying to poke something for yourself. Ethologists figured out how this behavior arises. It redirected aggression accumulated in fear of the dominant. She, by the usual hierarchical principle, transferred to someone who is weaker. And so during the punishment it looks punishable! It is capable of all macaques, but especially the "scum", occupying the bottom of the pyramid - because they are afraid of and can usually redirect aggression only inanimate objects, and in this little joy. And suddenly punishable appears as though below the bottom, weaker than them, it can strike with impunity ... This simple mechanism allows the dominant without any risk to themselves suppress downline. One has only to start, and then finish the herd ».

"You can talk about - adds bauris, - that one of the pillars of the Russian authoritarianism - is a real willingness of people to fight for a streamlined and workable mechanism for forwarding aggression, control over whom and Energy belongs to owners of the country. Attempted them associated with the attempt on the mechanism of the sacred, the destruction of which would have to either deter aggression with a corresponding damage to the body, or - unthinkable! - Instead to solve problems on their own, including return the aggression of its source, up the ladder ».

In my opinion, this is perfectly explains the intolerance and violence that had built a nest under our two-headed eagle.

And it is good to predict the results of voting with the question: "Do not fill the face to the author of this text?" - Whenever such is carried out.

Dmitry Gubin, "Ogonyok" -b, Rosbalt.RU

P'yat kopіyok: I agree with the author. That is the position of a slave - Muscovites were at the bottom of the pyramid Kishtim Golden Horde, nurtured in Russians aggressive nature. In the following centuries, Russians have been unable to break out in people, they always remained serfs, the vast beings. It does not matter whether they were subjects of the king, or homo Sovieticus. Today, Putin's aggression slaves spread to Ukrainians, just for the fact that those heads to be free. Yesterday, they jumped on the Georgians and the Baltic states, etc. Muscovites - there is not only aggressive but also omitted. And, not knowing how to get out of the bottom of the social envy and hate the Russians are all free nations - starting with the Americans and the Jews ending Caucasians, who have not joined the Russian flock.
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