Interesting facts about what you did not know

Read more a selection of interesting facts about which I am sure you have not even heard.

In 1626, officers of the British Army had to cancel a planned invasion of Spain, when their soldiers access to local wineries and together went into the bout.

The New York Times for so long kept an obituary at the ready in case of death of Elizabeth Taylor, the author of this work died six years before most actresses.

Denmark, which is considered "the happiest country in the world" - the second largest in Europe in terms of consumption of antidepressants.

At the time of the Summer Olympics in Atlanta in 1996, local authorities announced the homeless, "outside the law". All persons without fixed abode, were arrested before the end of the game waiting for trial in jail.

Between 1982 and 1988, died under mysterious circumstances 25 specialists of the British company GEC-Marconi, who worked on the creation of anti-submarine homing torpedo "Sting Ray". And in 1990, hanged journalist publication Defense, tried to hold on this occasion own journalistic investigation.

Young children are able to learn sign language long before they learn to pronounce the words. In addition, the children begin to communicate using sign language, much sought after great success in mastering the language.

The usual domino falling, can bring down the next object in the 1, 5 times more than myself. Thus, the 32th in the queue object will be large enough to topple the Empire State Building (height 443 m 2).

The French president is also a co-prince of Andorra. Thus, Andorra - the only country in the world where the monarch is chosen by democratic vote.

During World War II, the Chinese used the guerrillas to fight the Japanese mixture of powerful explosive HMX flour, which affectionately called "Auntie Gemma." From this mixture, which was transported much more easily than conventional explosives, if necessary, you can bake the cakes completely edible. The remaining dough, and even ready-made tortillas are still suited for use as explosives. Altogether during the war has been spent 15 tons of "Aunt Gemma." The enemy did not manage to solve this trick.

The phenomenon of "clever cow" is that when a group of people gets the need to solve a difficult problem, only one person is resourceful enough to deal with it, others simply followed suit.



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