Drivers! And all riding on the cars!

1.Fary the windows.
There are some drivers who, in the morning or in the evening heated samerzshego his horse to this preienzy not. But why include a proximal lighting in this part of the house.

2. Pavement.
It's all ponitno all but pedestrians again poyuh.
Me as a grown man to get around not scrap, the elderly and women with prams harder (especially in the winter or in the ice).

3. Recycle Bin.
Not zastovlyaet its ponyami Mustangs and garbage, special vehicles are extremely crowded and uncomfortable to take the garbage.
We in the city easier, if there is a parked crookedly miracle cesspool razvarachivaetsya and dosvidos.

4. Debris from a car window.
Mud on the road enough, especially in the spring will begin today.
Why so eager to throw it out the window right now, please be lyudmi- throw in a specially reserved for this place.

5. doused.
Not rarely, when hurrying on any notices of others and sprinkles.
Especially if you go with a baby and tell him that the world is a very kind and full of love.

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In printsepe probably a lot of things you can write, here is the main (if not, Fill).
No wars and dirt on the roads.



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