Girl in search of work in the service station

Good afternoon! Please do not laugh and treat with understanding! My name is Ludmila. I am 22 years old. And I really want to work in the service station assistant, apprentice mechanic.
My brief summary:

Gender: Female
Marital status: Married
Have children: No
Age: 22
Driving license: category B
Experience driving three or more
Education: Associate degree (Institute of business and politics)
Employment in full time

Languages: English- medium, nemetskiy- start, russkiy- free


Without experience in the service station.
Independently produced work on the Opel brand cars in the garage, since 2009.


Removing and installing bumpers, moldings;
Replacing the bulbs in the headlights, resuscitation (soldering diodes) additional stop signals;
Restoring severed chips;
Replacing the engine oil;
Replacement pads, installation wear indicator;
Replacement of the fuel pump;
Replacement filters;
Replacement of spark plugs;
Replacement and cleaning of the throttle;

Knowledge of the vehicle unit.

The great desire to work in the service station!
Ready to face any difficulties. Fast learner.


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