Mosaic made of pebbles for your garden

1 Sort by size pebbles, choosing flat ovals.
Fill the concrete base with a thin layer with a slightly damp sand mixture.

2 Spread the pebbles in the desired pattern and flatten them.

With 3 levels, make sure that the surface of the mosaic of pebbles smooth.

4 Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the adjacent rows of stones. If desired, take other unusual stones.
While sand mixture is still wet, make final adjustments tapping hammer.

5 weak water pressure from the hose pour a mixture of sand and mosaic. Leave your mosaic 2 hours. Gently pour the mixture of sand between the stones.

6 Press the sponge so that water falling on the mosaic. Do this once a day for five days, so that the stones settled. Try not to walk on it for a week.


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