How I learned to paint 2 weeks

I decided to share his experience as I learned to paint from scratch. Draw studied 2 weeks of Betty Edwards book "Discover the artist within", never before this is not fond of. In principle, and I did not believe that something will turn came to this rather skeptical of the book but the task is performed every day for about an hour time.
In general, for you to consider your work.

It will be 14 images.

1. The first task in the book was to paint himself as best you can)

2. Then picture out of my head again without preparation

3. Continue to draw a hand job

4. Then there were a few jobs where they srisovat drawings in the book is, but it is important that the rubbings had turned the picture upside down, it is done to cut off the head mechanism of patterns and stereotypes accumulated over the years.

5. Also painted upside down so you start to notice many details

6. Oh God, I drew ??? !!! )) Is about the feeling was

7. So, I do not remember what kind of a job, something associated with the contour)

8. Continue to draw a hand job but was told where and how to look at it. One the other hand drew posed))

9. Then the job profile to draw from life. The book gives a few tricks on the proportions that all people are the same. Drugana which drew from me on all this and spodvignul) he was sitting watching a movie.

10. Then there was the task to draw washing. Yes, but I'm not mistaken it was necessary to cover the paper with graphite and then washing to remove excess.

11. Further like the self-portrait is a more accurate after a course 2 weeks or slightly less.

12. Next is draw a bit for himself trying to develop the skills a little more

13. Wife painted here)

14. And the last. More than a year I did not draw decided to check whether the skills are not lost.



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