House for cat

Once tired to contemplate the torn wallpaper and furniture, has decided to organize a home for the cat with elements kogtedralok. Moreover, the front will move to a new hut with fresh wallpaper ...;) Make sure it has been decided domische gash with his hands on his own project, for retail submitted samples was not satisfied. So, followed by a detailed report with photos of 30 photographs, made in the tradition skobostrel. Topic please do not break, the end indicated, do not kick much, my first post! In the first photo the future owner of the apartment kote named Boniface.

Leroy was taken Shlerua board 60 mm size 500 * 500 and sawn to size.

Even more sawn into small pieces ... By the way once again convinced that the jigsaw is vesch!

Taken alone by the entrance of the ...

And he drank a stupid letter Paix!

All parts of the sealed yet another great tool of the screwdriver on the screws on wood.

But before you tighten the lid, clear horseradish, were taken some action, namely upholstered fabric merry entire facade and interior! :))

The cover was also upholstered ...

... But only on the one hand ... more I tell why, but in the meantime ...

... Boniface decided to test the strength of the roof ...

Then it was time to tell the hell's ... I decided not to beat down one side of the cover cloth. It was decided skreativit and gash kogtedralku right on the cover)) Kote later praised this action at the highest level. For this was taken twine, skobosrel, skeletal pestal and tuba with the firm, the eggs Stallone, glue time.

He began to mount. Later realized that it is better to let the string in a circle, but it was too late ... * *

Turns twine fix nails, after they rip naturally.

The result was not bad sort.

Further, I did not stop at the little things in the household skobyanke was purchased some parties the right pieces.

Attached corners, the lid can be opened. Ask why? well, where it is more convenient to wipe from the house to the wool cover open than tightly twisted.

There was also taken Furniture magnet ...

... One of which was fixed to the wall of the house ...

... And the other on the roof ...

... So that you can freely open ...

... And firmly closed (the inside of the cat can not his strong back ... Tsey accident cover to reveal the house and feel safe)

Now make a tower with a shelf. Take baluster ...

... The size of which is on the label (this is not advertising, everything can be bought in Shlerua).

Tower is also covered in a circle on the twine megakley.

And upholstered tkanyushkoy at the base to match the facade of the house.

Take two identical pieces of boards ...

Are fastened together with screws (for the strength of the shelf I took two boards, not just one).

Bolted to the tower shelf.

Essno studs shelf pre-cloth and then fasten it to the tower. The latest screwdriver and fasten the screw length to the house (the screws are included inside the house at the base of the tower). The result was a good hacienda!

Another view house. The cat liked, claws drёt I therefore also satisfied. It is the last photo, sorry for my background prihozhki;) I'll be glad to read your kammenty, promises parsley, tips and just srach (without it unfortunately does sometimes) :)



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