Foundling YaPik cheerful and rather chubby!

Remember my post happiness?

So, it is growing. And he already knows how to keep the house. It is VERY loud yelps. And you know, an empty house comes to life it is from the children's laughter (guess God has not yet given no wife, no kids) and puppy yapping (but it is a fact and the truth) He loves to play, a perpetual engine ... But more than playing, he likes to watch movies. "Gravity," he estimated 9 out of 10, and a new "Judge Dredd" why is only 7 points, what our opinions are categorically did not agree! March 4 happy day for me, I love him very much ... Sometimes I visit the thought, and suddenly someone will come and will require to return it? .. He will say: This is my dog ​​...
I have never and will not give it to anyone. Never. And no. Sam will suffer

Oh, plyayaya ... And hto it?

5 photos.

2. Sketch "puppy nose and paw in the foreground»

3. And it hurt. He tried to bite the heel, and got in pizdyuley grudak. Not much of course, but with the aesthetic-they-with the offended.

4. Not so long ago, he discovered the taste of cheese. And now, plyat, he confused me with a cheese factory, ebenat. But he was confused.

5. The enemy kingdom "Vorsoriandiya" surrendered under the onslaught of the invader, and it had occupied. Enemy Zohvatcheg atdyhait posli baёv, End celebrates his victory!

That's it, just one more time ... I'm sober, I do not know, but when I look at him, I drove a ball, which he stuffed ... damn! How to not love him?

And I called him Yapik. And he pleased.

All. Sleep.



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