Japanese Manhole Covers by photographer S. Morito

During the 7 years of Japanese photographer travels to cities in Japan and photographing all sorts of things: food, kennels, zoos, flower beds. Amazing collection is a selection of beautiful manholes. Each is decorated with a sense of their own pattern. They look very real paintings and decorate the streets of cities in Japan.

Raven and fish in the city of Izumi-shi Osaka Prefecture

Carnations in the city of Aichi Prefecture Ishshiki

Girls in the city of Matsumoto in Nagano Prefecture

Dragon Kyoto Station Kumihama

Cranes in the city of Kushiro, Hokkaido

Irises in Kariya, Aichi Prefecture

Swans in Itami-shi in Hyogo Prefecture

In 1985, one of the officials of the municipality authorized service organizations to create a design of hatches at its discretion. The aim was to draw people's attention to the very hatches, to work on the installation of the sewer infrastructure and to understand how all of this is expensive. Someone from investors may have thought to help with the arrangement and it would help to reduce the level of taxation in the country. The idea was to benefit and completely still not been implemented, but many began to decorate the manholes, the idea moved from the city of Shizuoka in many others.

Lilies in the city of Ichinomiya

Luc in Imadate-gun Fukui Prefecture

Luc in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture Sea

Luc in Ogaki-shi in Gifu Prefecture

Magnolias in the city Atsumi

Peaches in Kibe, in Wakayama

Today, all over the country about 6,000 uniquely decorated art hatches, they depict symbols of prosperity, colors, patterns, ligature ancient signatures of local importance. Morito photographed constantly, in his collection of more than 700 photos hatches. He wants to collect pictures of all covers of the country.

Train in Ogori in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Bee in the city in the prefecture of Kagawa Shionoe

Shooter in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture

Pheasant in Ayama Mie

Fuji in Shizuoka Prefecture

Photographer quite known for its well-synchronized collection. In addition, they are unique: very few people come to mind so thoroughly like to collect unnecessary information. And an almost chronology and a photo archive of his native country.

Flower Elf in Osaka


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