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An outstanding athlete, an actor and martial artist Sergei Badyuk in this interview will tell you about their daily training and secrets of success. For most people in Russia in the late 80's - mid 90's one of the main attractions was the VCR. When viewing a Hollywood blockbuster, with their favorite fast our brother Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean-Claude Van Damme in the apartment at the happy owner of a miracle technique neighbors gathered around the entrance, and the children after a film show for a long time were like heroes "Kickboxer," "Bloodsport" or "The Terminator." The correspondent spent a day with a man who supposedly descended from the TV screen at the time and now lives quietly among us.

Overcast, spring morning Moscow. Residents of one of the sleeping areas of Moscow in a hurry to work, someone walking a pet, not a lot for a morning jog, but without exception, people linger look at the giant, who alone performs outlandish exercise more like intricate oriental dance. The famous Russian athlete Sergey Badyuk equipped himself in his yard playground, where everyone can join his training or work separately.

"I do not care what the weather is outside, or 30 -30. Every morning I go out here and perform a specific set of exercises - says Badyuk, comfortably sitting on a bench in his own hand-made lotus. - My day begins early: at 6 o'clock in the morning rise, then breakfast. Then I just go out into the yard and start a morning workout. First, during the 40 minutes doing exercises Qigong (the ancient Chinese art of self-control of the body), based on the work of breathing. Then, 1, 5-2 hours spend exercises Taiji (traditional Shaolin martial art) and Karate kata. Once the body is warmed up move on to the Chinese occupation stretching legs. This procedure is fundamentally different from all that we have. You can call it more gentle. There are many examples when the Chinese in 70-100 years can easily do the splits. Morning warm-up takes me about 3-3, 5:00, and then I go to the gym. Depending on the mood choose how things will flow exercise. Or I go to the box, or in a rocking chair, or to fight ».

The first communication with Badyukov might get the impression that this big, bearded, smiling man devotes all day physical activities and sports, but it is not so.

Sergei moves a set of exercises specifically for the first half of the day to during the rest of the time to pay attention to the work, which is a significant part of the life of Sergei Badyukov.

"Even while at work during the breaks I try to devote time to physical exercises. In the car, I have a bunch expander that always helps to work on grip. Of course, I tried to combine all sorts of shooting on working with active employment, but such a combination is not always good. During operation, and shooting is not always feel okay in terms of psychology. Like the whole day doing nothing, and in the evening you can not speak a word of fatigue. If I get a day off for the day I can go outside and deal with up to 12 nights. Prior to filming those that occupy almost the whole day trying to maximize load. Even with such a busy schedule of twice a year, I try to fly to Thailand for at least two weeks, and sometimes for a month ».

Shooting in different programs, television and Internet projects, shooting in film, writing a book - are the second component of the life of Sergei Badyukov. Documentaries about the cultural and sporting life of the countries of the world, sometimes taken on enthusiasm are good tutorial for those who want to link their lives with the sport.

"In a short time on my channel on Youtube will host the premiere of the 4th, 5th and 6th of the film" Land of the boxers, "which was filmed on our initiative. The boys-volunteers for their own money to travel abroad and start shooting. If any channel wants to show our movie, we sell them the right for 1 ruble. The first non-profit project that I started shooting with my own money is called "Land of Heroes". I believe that our child had a lot of good examples of people, which should be equal. With this film, we try to show the younger generation that is now among us, too, there are such people. Now I'm going to India to begin filming a new project. We want to show people the other side of those places where they like to go on vacation, whether it's Turkey, Thailand, Egypt and India. The title of this series of films "Planet Shanti" differently "Planet of Peace and Harmony." Also, now I'm doing in the film Peter Buslova "Motherland" and the remake of the movie "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation».

Just after noon Sergey Badyuk come to the gym in "Luzhniki". Training in the "Boxing Academy" takes place alongside the well-known Russian sports people: the CEO of the organization in preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Alexei Sorokin, and four-time world champion in sports sambo Vitaly Minakov also devote part of their day playing sports.

"Arriving at the gym I start training with a light warm-up, jumping exercises and slowly turn on the simulator and working with weights. The second part of the training spend sparring in the ring or on the mat. Today, the choice fell on the box ».

Training Day, a big man in every sense, Sergei Badyukov ends after 1, 5 - 2 hours, and then it is time to work. In recognition of the athlete number of people that have been interested in a serious attitude to physical culture, already hundreds of people. This is not surprising. After talking to Sergei, for a few hours, even a correspondent and a photographer, "Reedus" a desire to put aside the camera and recorder and immediately start to play sports.



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