American has about one day in the life of Russian village

Hello! My name is Laura (Laura). I live in Russia for over 20 years, most of them in a small village (population: 10 people) in the Bryansk Forest. My husband is Russian wildlife photographer. However, now he is in the photo expedition in the north. I am also involved in the protection of nature. I am also a writer, which allows me to work from home and stay close with our two boys (his 9 and 12 years). Welcome to my world: Chuhraev village, Bryansk region. This is - an essay on one spring day, on March 13.

On weekdays, "work" only children go - in the third and sixth grade. The rural school is 15 km away along a forest road, so you need to leave at 8:30 am. Accordingly, I get up at 7:30. Our dog Nick greets me in the morning on the phone screen.


I feed the hungry crowd pets (yet to be "street"): Gosh cat, cat Ryska dog Nick.


At 7: 45-8: 00 raising children. We have to go to them several times to wake them up. More drown stove.


I feed the children breakfast, usually eggs, cheese cakes or oladyshki. If the husband is at home, sometimes I feed him, too, but in general has "trained" him to prepare breakfast.


I send their children to school: first went to (the second is gone). Usually the husband carries children, but since it is not, I otvozhu. Black cat, by the way, a neighbor. But we have become accustomed to that every morning he goes our way.


Nick accompanies us every morning.


Today, our third-grader learns one. Ginny was unwell.


Now the whole house - mine! I drink tea, to throw in the washing machine, check email and blog posts. Today it is still necessary to finish the article about the wild tulips in Kalmykia for an American magazine. Writing chair calls!


A little bit of work, but the weather is so gorgeous! The sun shines warmly. Luring the street. There check Tawny owl, which we brought to the New Year: the train knocked her. She miraculously survived, but her broken wing. Will live with us now. I check, whether she ate chicken gizzards that I left her in the evening.


Owl peeking out of the hollow, but it gets out only at night.


Nick is waiting for me with her for a walk. Okay, girl, walk, so walk!


Land already soft. I decided to thin out the old strawberries and transplanted to the new beds.


I get out of the winter shelter of straw with high beds, which we did last year.


. From under the straw, it is clear that the garlic is already waking up from hibernation.


The horses came out of the woods. They have always grazed on freedom, except in summer, when they need to be closed to avoid trampling gardens have attendants. When they come, I always give them oats. Our portrait with dawn.


I give chickens kitchen waste, but a strange cat insolently climbs in their bowl.


I collect eggs in the chicken coop and take them home.


. The work of the yard finished by 12:00 hours. I tossed the wood into the stove.


Soon the children come home from school, it is necessary to prepare them to eat. When the husband is not present, pet their typical American dishes such as homemade pizza or tacos (they are quick and delicious). My husband does not eat such dishes. When he is at home, I cook soup, meat and potatoes, chicken, salads.


Ryska wants to go home. It comes only through the window. I'm just the doorman for her.


Children at home, I feed them lunch. I just cook for them.


While washing dishes, I admire the view from the window. We had built a house, it took 10 years.


While the children ride bikes, I decided to ride in the woods at Orlik.


We Orlik on the background of the village.


On the way, I meet our neighbors, today it is surprisingly sober.


The village is waiting for beds, local grandmother did not wake up from hibernation.


Fundamentals of Forest from horseback.


In the forest, I admire the treetops.


Then there is the passage: the boundary of the reserve «Bryansk forest". We Orlik come back.


In the village, I hung up the bank to collect maple sap. Oh, how delicious!


2. I like to collect local "antiques».


It is necessary to replant the flower that I was given on March 8.


And water the seedlings - flowers, broccoli, tomatoes.


Children sometimes watch TV after school, but now an empty room. All in the yard.


I'm in his office under a stork nest.


In the evening I cook dinner while the kids (with SEAL) do lessons.


Sunset in the village.


Lights out between 10:30 am and 11:00 pm. Tomorrow everything will start again.




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