Tin .. Monument (3 photos)

According to rumors, the 23rd grand opening is scheduled.
As can be seen, Sholokhov sitting in a boat (there will definitely be a garbage can), and from him in horror uphill swim horse head. Scary-looking man, this Sholokhov.
However, cut out the face of the writer's nothing compared to the indescribable horror, frozen on the horses' muzzles.

 - My first thought was that these goals will be comfortable to sit. But upon closer inspection, it turned out that the slope will be flowing water, so that you can sit only in the winter (or vice versa, in the intense heat when getting wet just a joy). By the way, chemists, do not tell me what to pour back into the water to make it red? That song was already finished.
Someone, perhaps surprised that I always write "horse head" instead of a shorter "horse." However, if we assume that the unfortunate animals like as if floating on the river and the lower part is not visible under the water, it is still not clear where she could fit there - in this case, crush pohlesche bus at rush hour should get the benefit of winter benches aka horse head stuck too often.
As we stood, photographed, and discussed bellow this statue (even cast, probably), hosted by the company questionable looking young. They are also interested in who the author of this masterpiece (stopped at the site by surname, with a high content of the letters "h", "k" and "s"). Then hobbled by some homeless people (probably the artists, they're always trying to sell his paintings). One of the artists cheerfully reported that the painting is called "morning in a slaughterhouse," and if this peasant More and hatchet in hand to give it just a "watchman sausage shop in the service" work. I wonder if he knows who he is, "this guy" (which Sholokhov)? And businessmen, got out of their cars on the occasion decided that it was the song "Grandfather Mazzei and horse».
In general, the author would like to wish to kill yourself quickly apstenu. However, who is allowed to build, it is desirable.

Sculptor - Rukavishnikov.



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