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 - Zabyg17 writes:

Until recently, I was rather indifferent to this film - except the childhood memories of the night chasing a truck and falling into the river with him nothing in common. I admit, the picture of Brezhnev's time (with very few exceptions) make me more rejection than interest and sympathy.
In the "Meeting Place Can not Be Changed" and betrays the seventies, quiet, a little naive and quite prosperous. More than half of typecasting is clearly there, and not from victory, but the hungry and severe forty-five. Yet the film is made to be extremely solidly and firmly, without so often in the years of sloppiness, disregard for detail and all sorts of hobbies cheap effects.

Plans to make the analysis of the first paintings I was not. On the one hand, it seemed to me that this question has been sufficiently studied, on the other - a few funny disassemble the film, especially a masking landscapes under different era. With "Operation Y" - kinogimnom sixties - in this sense, it is much easier.
Local lore has earned only thought when I suddenly find themselves identified the place where the scene was shot capture Brick. Tram with characters and extras went exactly the same place where lovers riding and Shura Lida - that is, on the 1st Agricultural Travel, at the tram depot named after Bauman.

Zheglov Sharapov and not for the first time passing by the house at the tram depot named after Bauman. In the frame is visible red and white telephone box seventies. Intrigued, I climbed up on a website dedicated to the film (for the moment, by the way, for some reason he did not furychit), and realized that identified and analyzed in this picture is not all. In particular not thoroughly understand even one of the most famous scenes in the film - the pursuit of the Fox. The result of my studies by local history was the longest selection of screenshots with commentary:


On the tram KM №2170. The role played by service Sokolniki way of the depot Bauman at ENEA.

The tram route №29 not walk in Sokolniki since 1919. In 1945, he was shuttled from Mihalkovo to Marina groves.

The newspaper "Moscow Bolshevik" since 1950 and nowadays is called "Moskovskaya Pravda".

Zheglov Sharapov and the tram. Outside, the house near the station, in a converted form preserved to this day.

House these days. In the 1990s it housed a wonderful museum of the Moscow urban transport, ditching Luzhkov monorail -

Outside, seen another way left of the tram - in the passenger lines in Moscow does not.

When Brick caught the tram again drove past the house at the depot.

Brick is removed from the rail. In the background - was built in the early 1960s, a typical Khrushchev five-storey building, clearly visible on the frame "Operation Y".

It is also in our days.

It's place in the "Operation Y".

1st Agricultural fare in 2007.

"You have no methods against Kostya Saprykin!". The police were Brick 7 kilometers on foot to Sadovaya-Sukharev street. The same number had to go and the victim ...

Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya Str., 5. Branch of the police is placed in a beautiful Art Nouveau monument - the mansion Pravdinoy.

Errors and omissions:

Theatre Way. Cinematic spotlight in a glass machine in the beginning of the first series. Looking closer to further frames can be seen that the person Sharapova slightly highlighted.

Though cut me, but this poster - cinematic trash. In this post-war poster style image it was not as arbitrary. Cut it at the monument to the printing pioneer Ivan Fyodorov, later Sharapov will meet there with "false Anya."
About vadimych_m_k carelessly poster - surely noticed, in such a manner made out of the military forces of amateur artists, conscripts (and still, in my opinion, are made). American flag from ancient times - 24 stars all :)))

Portrait of Stalin on the stairs, too, some lime.

Sharapov looking fashion. In the background - typical for the 1970 ice-cream stall the plastic-lined walls.

Not realizing that this place - can not Moscow and Odessa. In the background is clearly visible "UAZ".
mr_fix pond in Odessa in those years there were two. And it's none of the nix, sure. :)
lyama maybe it's Lefortovo? there used to be some sort of bridge to the island with a dance floor. And behind the fence - Yauza. However, not sure (I do not remember this place in the film).
la_rochelle_ Speaking of ponds. My mother, who grew up in Lefortovo, said that the pond was so Lefortovo flooring. and the fence away like a fence of the Lefortovo Park.
zabyg17 Most likely, this is really the ponds in the park Lefortovo.

One of the most "semidesyatnicheskih" scenes in the film.

Behind Sharapova typical outlet 1970, in my home Chertanovskaya 12 etazhke just such a set.

Station "Losinoostrovskaya" - generally a full timeout. Caption later, rolling - quite modern at the time the train Er-2. It would be better used for coloring at least in neighboring Mytishchi Congress.

Cars, refrigerators with frightening certainty recreate the atmosphere of the train station the first postwar years.

Sharapov from Living fish wagon. "Boxcar" with the conductor's platform is too late ...

Different views

"Ferdinand" in the courtyard of Petrovka, 38, exiting at the 2nd Kolobovsky alley. Constructivist housing in the background no longer exists - is now in its place parking. Here it is visible to the cabin of a "Studebaker" - it's not Fox whether it went?
trolleybassist In terms of the biggest blunders in my opinion, the bus "Ferdinand." The film was shot Mosfilmovsky replica chassis ZIS-5, simulating the bus ZIS-8 (built on a slender chassis). This "Ferdinand" should be on the chassis of the Opel Blitz army truck (lightning), and must have looked wrong.

Scene capture Manka Bonds-starred restaurant at the "float" on the waterfront Yakimanskaya. In the background is the sign "Repair of typewriters" on the house №10, appeared here in the sixties and seventies.
In the 1990s, close to the place to build his residence oligarch Alexander Smolensky (the bank "SBS-Agro"). In 2000, there will be located election headquarters Putin.

Sharapov waiting Varya. I'm not sure 100 percent - because the movie tricky :) - but it seems that this is an old building on the square near the metro station "Sokolniki". A piece of signage on the left side of the frame is really the 1940s or 1950s.
conservateur Poster cigarettes "Delhi" Leningrad Tabaktresta - a copy of the advertisement is not the 40s and 20s. In the 40th and style was different, and tabaktresta not become (or were Narkompischeprom Ministry of Food).

The sign "Economic" on the wall of one-story house is clearly late, although the house is very colorful.
morskaya_swinka I still found the old house in Sokolniki, which have been in place all the houses on either side of the subway, which now stand. They were still in basements shops.

Hall station "Sokolniki", decorated with flags. Something I do not think that is in September and October, Soviet holiday. Or were celebrating the victory over Japan, and filmmakers overdone ...
Doors in the Metro is not "native" and Brezhnev.

Varina apartment was in the house №12 on Suvorov (now Nikita) boulevard, built in the 1910s. The left is a yellow wall of the estate Lunin (con. XVII - beg. XVIII centuries., Arch. DI Gilardi) - the current Museum of the East.

Courtyards connected by arches - this is also the house №12 on Nikitsky Boulevard.

Sharapov meets the "false Anya." Again, a monument to Ivan Fedorov, in one of the windows visible air conditioning.

Benches also certainly not the thirties and forties.

Stages theater, built in 1950 on a standard project architect. I. ZHOLTOVSKOGO. In Moscow, three of them: long-closed "Burevesnik" on Dobryninsky & quot ;; burned last spring "Glory" on the highway of Enthusiasts and safely operating the "Victory" on Abelmanovskaya street.

The cinema "Victory" on Abelmanovskaya street today.

Bakery. Judging from the stories, this scene is really filmed at this bakery in Sokolniki. Alas, I was in the area after a wave of demolitions and the house did not catch.
I clearly remember the bakery in Sokolniki. Shoot there, I do.

Some picturesque gateway. Maybe someone will recognize?

Another strange place: a stone blocks paved road, some ruins and Brezhnev staircase with a visor. The role of the bandit bread van takes hlebovozka typical seventies on the chassis of GAZ-53.
I this place terribly reminiscent of some of the slopes leading to the port of Odessa - Polish or Devolanovsky. There's just lights hanging on banners stretched diagonally :-)

Shop at the corner of Malaya Polyanka and Brodnikova alley. The sign "Prodmag" cine - in fact there was economic. Now the whole neighborhood demolished, in its place is being built some cheap replica.
This is fundamentally wrong. Economic it opened in the 90s. Prior to this has always been a vegetable, which consists of two branches. Believe me, as an old-timer! there myself several times to buy vegetables, and students from our school, there was a time, the practice took place in the part-time work.

Behinds store were shot in the courtyard of the house №5 Yauzskaya street. In the background is a beautiful baroque bell tower of the Church of the Trinity in Silversmiths.

Now at this point Parking

"Ferdinand" Sharapova leaves the area of ​​the factory "Red October" - with Bersenevskaya lane on Bolotnaya embankment.

Bolotnaya embankment and "tram" powerhouse.

Yakimanskaya embankment. Sad Sharapov against the backdrop of the arrow of the Moskva River and outfall channel. Meanwhile, it is necessary to be pleased - there are no tseretelinogo "Peter-Columbus."

Marsh Embankment. Sharapova back from the hospital were taken to the "Red October" and only then on Suvorov Boulevard to Varya.

Marsh Embankment. Now this place was built a footbridge.

Chasing Fox.

Honestly, I can not think where it was filmed. It looks like the alleys in the area between Butcher and Pokrovka or neighborhood Sretenka.

In the house on the left visible sign "Admission to the laundry."

Big Cherkassky Pereulok in China-town. View towards Ilinka.

Pipe Street: view from the Grand Sukharevsky alley. In the background is seen the white 12-etazhki on Trinity Street.

In the yards in the Big Cherkassky Lane.

Drive to Grand Cherkassky alley arch of the house №7.

Some Arch. By Lane rides a truck ZIL-157 - understudy "Studebaker". Read more about the cars participating filming can be found here.
ordnas Let me make one doubt. "Double" Studer - is not that ZIS-151? For the 157-th wheel as if too small.

Andronievskaya embankment. In the background - church of St. Sergius beheaded in Rogozhskaya.

Zolotorozhsky embankment. Zheglov-Vysotsky aims at "Studebaker" Fox. In the background, the factory "gauge" at Syromyatnicheskaya waterfront with a new concrete housing.

Andronievskaya embankment. Both cars mysteriously transported back half a kilometer - in exactly under the walls of the ancient monastery Andronicus. In the background the church of St. Sergius again in Rogozhskaya.

"Studebaker" to shot the driver in the city prokolesil four and a half kilometers, and threw himself into the Yauza on Rubtsovskaya Electrozavodskaya promenade between the bridge and the bridge of the Kazan Railway.
By the way, another discrepancy: Railway traffic lights on the modern type. In the 45th year it has to be a semaphore, well, in extreme cases, traffic completely different type. Yes, and the electrification of the railway in question, particularly on modern supports and insulators.

The result of the analysis of the components can be one conclusion: the reference to "the meeting place" to cling to the little things - employment empty and worthless. Somewhere it turned out to reproduce the atmosphere of the forties, somewhere in there - does it matter? Despite the blot, the film looks as a whole and on the right part of the golden fund of our cinema.


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