The most stingy millionaires (7 pics + text)

Studies in the US show: one in four American millionaire wears shoes no more than $ 100 out of every ten paid for his costume maximum of $ 200. Only 50 percent of millionaires willing to buy expensive watches $ 240, and only a third of the rich drives a car, which is not yet 3 years old.
Among the richest people in the world there are those who do not boast of their condition, and are content in everyday life things affordable for most. They are considered eccentrics. However, history knows examples where dislike spending money and save on all millionaires among wore paranoid character. Examples of life and of those, and other causes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". MOTHER spare money to foot SON

One of the biggest hoarders in the world was Henrietta Howland Green - a brilliant American finansistka 20th century. The woman, who left after his death in 1916, more than $ 100 million (approximately $ 20 billion today), heated oatmeal on the battery, as it is believed that the use of expensive plate. Almost all his life she spent in cheap rented apartments, owning entire neighborhoods in Chicago. And once spent a whole night in search of a postage stamp 2 cents.

But the apotheosis of "thrift" was another case: her son had a leg amputated due to the fact that Henrietta three days looking for free hospital. At the age of 82 years old millionaire had a stroke when she learned that the cook "overpaid" for a bottle of milk.


Oil baron John Paul Getty, who 30 years ago with its $ 4 billion was considered the richest man in the world, to save on everything. For example, in his villa he established payphones for guests not to pay for their calls. When in 1973 kidnapped his grandson John, my grandfather refused to pay a ransom of 17 million. He had compassion only when he received an envelope with a piece cut off the ear of John. But even here the Getty saved. He gave up only 2, $ 7 million.

FINANSIST LIVES in the Khrushchev

Second on the list of "Forbes" rich - American financier Warren Buffett (the state - $ 44 billion) - on Wall Street is riding on undervalued in his circle and not the new car Lincoln Towncar with license plate THRIFTY, which means "thrifty". And the small-sized apartment, bought 40 years ago for only 30 thousand dollars, I do not hurry.

Buffett unassuming life, avoid luxury, with the exception of only a private jet. For example, he eats fast food chains, which he likes so much that he bought it.

Modest "NIVA»

On an old Morris Minor long time traveled rich Scandinavian - founder of the company for the production of packaging materials Tetra Pak Hans Rausing. However, a couple of years ago, billionaire (the state more than 8 billion. Dollars) decided to change cars. And purchased ... 12-year-old Russian "Niva". By the way, Rausing became famous for the fact that it is always hard bargaining in the shops.

Business for schoolmates

His first crown the founder of IKEA and the richest Swede Ingvar Kamprad (his fortune is estimated at $ 28 billion) began in elementary school. When purchasing wholesale pencils and erasers, the future furniture mogul sold them at exorbitant prices classmates. And the money saved up. He is known for the fact that even now eats in cheap restaurants, flying economy class, riding on the bus and stops at three-star hotels. A holiday spent with a fishing rod on the shore of some rivers in his native Sweden.

From his subordinates Ingvar requires the use of both sides of a sheet of paper. All the furniture in his home from the store IKEA, except for the "old chairs and beautiful standing clock." Moreover, Ingvar '32 enjoys the same chair, "I use it for 32 years. The wife thinks I need a new, because the material is dirty. But otherwise it is not worse than the new ».

All virtual

The founder of one of the most popular Internet search engine Google, our former compatriot, now a US citizen, 33-year-old Sergey Brin, earned about $ 11 billion. But lives in a small two-bedroom apartment, sitting behind the wheel of an inexpensive "Toyota". And this despite the fact that Google gets paid for each call on a sponsored link. The "wrong billionaire" no yachts or villas. He does not even have a super-sports car. According to rumors, Sergey goes to the "Prius" low-key, but environmentally advanced Toyota, working not only on gasoline, but also electricity. To work, like many others of Google, he often rides on roller skates, and during breaks in the parking lot playing in roller hockey. They say he is often visited by many Russian restaurants of San Francisco, in particular, "Katina tea."

Greedy STAR

Million in revenue does not interfere with some of the stars of show business to be very careful in all that relates to everyday expenses. Thus, the beautiful half of the star couple Beckham, a former soloist of the pop group Spice Girls Victoria Beckham, not seen in the tram heading towards the stadium in Manchester, where her husband was playing. It is known that Mrs. Beckham, personal wealth which is $ 18 million., Has a weakness for cheap German wine Blue Nun, which she regularly buys at the local supermarket, and casual wear becomes not at Christian Dior and Versace, and at a discount store Matalan and considers its favorite clothing store is not the most fashionable Top Shop.

Famous film director Michael Winner, who successfully business contributed $ 72 million. Sometimes allows himself to a bottle of wine for $ 6 thousand. That does not prevent him several times to use old envelopes and cut in half tubes of toothpaste that was missing a drop of valuable product.

Pop star Madonna, has earned for his brilliant career of $ 150 million., Also used to count every penny. She regularly checks the phone bills that come in her house in Kensington, and deducted from the salary workers a fee for telephone calls.


Several years ago, a British millionaire Nicholas von Hoogstratena (the state about $ 800 million) were put on ten years for the murder of a companion. A police work of the house Hoogstratena search, told newsmen about the unusual discovery. In the kitchen, found a rich deposit of used tea bags. He dried them, and then made tea over again. A year later, however, released a millionaire. However, the view of him as a creepy cheapskate if change is not soon.


23-year-old American actress Wendy Dorcas jumped out to marry a millionaire filmmaker Roger Dorcas. He was older than Wendy almost three times, and the actress hoped that over time, millions perekochuyut hubby on her account. After a year of family life Roger died. But when lawyers announced his will, Wendy did not come into a rage: it was inherited ... 1 cent. Everything else (and it is $ 64 million) director bequeathed his dog ... Maximilian.

The Court took the side of the dog, but the actress has found a way to leave millions of yourself - it ... married Maximilian. It turned out that when Dorcas opened the scoring on the dog, he had to draw a dog as a citizen of the United States to pay the necessary taxes. Marriage actress with a dog even registered - paper-then the dog was fine. And when Maximilian has died, "the widow" inherited all his wealth.


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