Selection kinolyapy with Russian and Russian-known Hollywood films

Selection kinolyapy with Russian and Russian-known Hollywood films
The height of the Cold War. Caribbean crisis. NATO and the Warsaw Pact. Vietnam War. USSR before the restructuring, during and after her ... What was then the American cinema of the Soviet Union? About Russian? Russian in earflaps, vodka, caviar, epaulets on the shoulders to the waist. All this we have seen, it's all familiar to us. Primitive stereotypes walked from film to film. "Independence Day"
Russia has always been blocked by snow, whatever the time of year, month and latitude. For example, in the movie "Independence Day" shows the headquarters of the Russian in which all sit in the ear flaps, and the window of the hut, where Russian pilots-aces vests drink vodka and smoke White Sea, one can see the domes of the Orthodox Church, zametёnnoy snow.
Everyone remembers how many American Independence Day? July 4 ...
Suddenly a cloud Fznamznon near Moscow, the Moscow region of the Urals, Novosyoyrsk (maybe they thought that in Russia there is the New York area, like New York in the United States?), In the region of Yakutia, and even Petrograd instead of St. Petersburg (it is 96 th year, something!)

"The Jackal"
Moscow. St. Basil's Cathedral is visible from any lane.

Club "Mosovsky" - missed only one letter.

"Red Dawn"
The film is about a third world war and the capture of the US allied Soviet-Cuban troops. Filmed during the Cold War, the film of John Milius was very controversial, because It was a blatant political provocation.
Look at these uniforms and posters!

Soviet policy put this movie in the first place in the list of "anti-Soviet propaganda of the bourgeois militarists»
The plot - the fate of the two brothers, teens, which during the invasion succeeded with a handful of friends to escape to the mountains and organized a small guerrilla unit, which they named "Wolverine" in honor of a school sports team.
This group has a fierce resistance to invaders attempting to protect loved ones. While still a child, they are forced to take up arms to save their lives, protect their town and their country.
Mistakes abound here. And Russian and Cuban and Russian tanks, especially imitating a helicopter Mi-24.

Russian watch. Almost Timex.

These are the women we serve.

And these generals. Generals are more like .... )))

"Sky Captain"
"The people's voice." These are the papers we read is! - "That the Soviets - an attack to be printed USSR».

"Red Heat»
Again (as in Moscow on the Hudson), despite the participation of Russian actors (Oleg Vidov, Savely Kramarov) film punctuated with cliches about Russian.

"What vaschi Expression of?". Russian speech, "Russian" as the names and inscriptions in Cyrillic, imitating Russian language, this theme is not one of profound research.

Mario Kassar, probably one of the most prolific kinoantisovetchikov, but also the most productive "klyukvist».
More from Rocky from film to film the Soviet people ruthless beasts and monsters nonhumans.

KGBshniki dressed like hump.

Our soldiers and officers.

Russian cuties such


Another masterpiece of Hollywood about the Soviet Army commanders ... All the villains and fools shooting at soldiers and live in chocolate ... The women look like whores. All the rest live in the deep ass ...

Harrison Ford enthusiastically wets Russian terrorist in the movie "board President» aka «Air force one» - a tale about how the President of the United States of one finger zaborol.
In the role of the main antagonist, if my memory serves me, Gary Oldman ...

XXX («xXx»)
The film was made "as if the yard again, 80" Russian gangsters completely in fur coats or sgeroinivshiesya strevoznye aunt's name is originally Russian leader named Yorgey!
By the way of the Russian rolling version cut a scene in any way drunk Yorgey sings "ryussky People pestnya" with the words "barishnya, barishnya like Thiebaud call, idika me fuck yob tvayu mat" ... the hero Vin Diesel drunk singing ... US national anthem:))) < br />

"Fantastic Four"
The final frame with the ship departures.

Hero Tom Hanks actually call Gulnara Gulin, as indicated in its Vadzschelskae Pasvedchanne ...

"From Russia with love"
The Russian embassy doors need Dergat and Dikhan

"The Hitman"

"Police Academy"
This word they wrote without error :)



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