Moon 2112

Duncan Jones - a longtime fan of the actor Sam Rockwell, so when he was "mature enough" to create your own film, he really wanted to see in the title role was his. He found Sam through agents and met him. It turned out that they are both fans of the science fiction of the same type. But first project devised by Jones, was too great for the debut work, and he had to give up (this project will be the second film Johns and it also appears Sam Rockwell in the same role, because we know what happened to the character "of the Moon" it will be a different story, but it will be in the same "universe", however, in the world).

But Rockwell has agreed in principle to work with Jones, so Duncan went home and wrote a new script - especially for Sam. The film is based on personal experiences and experiences of Jones. "When it came time to go to college - he says, - I had a girlfriend. In order not to part with it, I went to her college in Neshvele, Texas. But after about a couple of weeks we had quarreled and parted. However, the college does not change just because of the fact that you broke up with his girlfriend? I had to complete their education. And there it was terribly boring and lonely, it seemed to me that I am a lonely watch on the moon - all of my friends were away. I was in constant depression. Later, I began to think, and how would I behave if I met myself today then? As I began to react young and old that I would say to comfort yourself? ».

The story of his later relationship with another friend, which had a long talk on the phone because she had gone to work in another country is also included in the film as a story about video calling Sam and his wife.

Once the script was finished, Jones sent it to Sam. He also found an agent, Kevin Spacey, and met with the actor. Spacey has read the script and was not averse to participate, but after seeing pictures of the budget (5 million USD.), He hesitated. His small figure confused and had doubts that the film will look worthy of having a budget. We agreed on the fact that Spacey will have to see the big picture, to decide to participate in it or not. He was not worried about the money, he cared, how will the film, in the credits of which will be his name. Eventually a film like Kevin, and voiceovers robot recorded in one day.

Now filming and special effects

The film's budget is very small for a fiction. A long time ago with the kind of money it does not even come close. Let me remind you, the budget "Star Wars" in 1976 amounted to 11 million dollars. Today, the court of the year 2009 and since then the dollar has fallen heavily. What Duncan Jones has managed to do is not let kryshesnosnye blokbasteropodbnye (and they are here and do not need!), But perfect at the level of the required effects - it's amazing. In this movie, the effects are almost in every shot! And, despite the budget, everything is done so organically that the questions asked (well, except that, on the basis of too clean).

The film was shot at the studio "Shepperton", the same place where Ridley Scott filmed his "Alien". Much of what we see in this film is a homage to the other, is now forgotten and not so classic sci-fi movie. For example, the design of the secret room, found Sam reminds famous picture of Syd Mead (Syd Mead), and the entire station and the vehicle fleet is associated with the robot Ron Cobb (Ron Cobb). This similarity is not accidental: the concept designer of the film Gaven Rothery (Gavin Rothery), together with production designer Tony Noble paintings (Tony Noble) made the retro design of the station.

Jones, a fan fiction '70s and early' 80s, sought out veteran modelmeykera Bill Pearson (Bill Pearson), makes model ships in his favorite "backyard" and "alien", and asked him to assemble his team of pensioners to build a model of the lunar vehicle.

The studio model was built residential base in life-size, including the ceiling. On the one hand, it has limited shooting opportunities, but on the other - for Jones it was important to have a full scenery to the camera could, dragging across the base and simply turning in all directions, while having on-screen is already ready image that does not require any improvement. Sometimes, however, still had to clean the wall to put the camera wherever wanted.

But the presence of a complete scenery is not allowed to make a full-fledged robot in the studio, he had to make and modify parts using CGI. Model life-size robot was made by Bill Pearson and Steve Howarth (Steve Howarth). He was placed on the wheels, and just carried on for a database. Separately it was made and its robotic arm. Other details of the robot were made using CGI studio Cinesite.

Exterior station was built by Steve Howarth Lee and Peter (Peter Lee) from scrap materials, which included even the box from the computer, as well as some of their old projects. In addition, the studio built a miniature lunar landscape with modelka rovers. All models were removed eight days after the main shooting period ended. Interestingly, Jones and his team did not have money even for radio-controlled models, they carried their rovers in the truest sense of the rope. Leskov then had to rub off on your computer.

The models of the lunar vehicle was built in two scales (in the case of large scale made only part of the model) for the overall plans and major. The models themselves were built by Pearson's team, headed by Peter Talbot (Peter Talbot): three sets of landing gear for the lunar rovers with removable cabin and one harvester. Parts rovers taken ... of the toy tractors! Pearson bought eight of toys made in Germany, with good detail and took their gear, which are used to model the rovers. In addition, the previous work (the movie "Casino" Royal "), he left a lot of parts, which are also useful. For the model of a lunar base useful polystyrene boxes of computers, filters for the aquarium and even plastic containers for toilet paper that are found in the garbage and sawed.

To reproduce the texture and color of the lunar soil, Pearson nashamanil mixture of crushed into a fine powder of black and white paint mixed with cat litter. But as the play of the lunar dust in the atmosphere (and gravity!) In the world does not work, all this had to moisten the mixture, so that it does not rise from the movement of the toy rovers. All dust inserted later in the company Cinesite.

The lunar surface was placed on the table of 12 by 7 meters. While working on a miniature landscape designer has become a handbook for the album of photos taken during the lunar missions "Apollonov", so a lunar landscape made very realistic. This tiny piece of the landscape has been extended and split by a work matte painter Roger Gibbon (Roger Gibbon). During post-processing experts studio Cinesite added sidelights harvesters and other machines on the moon with lunar scenes most machines.

To shoot himself talking to Sam Rockwell technology was used a split screen (split screen). Sam Rockwell played the first one character, then his makeup for the second. During this time he has watched his previous game, to understand where he should stand for the second role, and where to look. Actor filmed using motion control system to the camera movement in both duplicate identical. But such a difficult shooting is not always required - more often one of the characters shot behind, so you can use a backup.

Before working with these scenes Duncan intensively studied the two films: "Bound tightly," David Cronenberg (David Cronenberg) and "Adaptation" Spike Jonze (Spike Jonze). In one of the DVD of "Tightly bound" Jones I found a film about the shooting, which proved to be very useful, because this shows in detail the process of shooting the actor Jeremy Irons (Jeremy Irons). He even talked to Spike Jonze, who gave him some practical advice.

Scenes with different Semami joined Cinesite in the studio with rotoscoping, complex masks, because they could not use hromakey once all the shooting occurred in the scenery. After shooting, both options Sam's camera takes the third travel, to film the empty back seat - it was necessary to remove the racks, cameras and other technical details, caught in the frame at the first two takes.


First of all, it was necessary to adjust the contrast of shadows under the one we see on the moon photos and muted colors, because the lunar pictures look almost black and white. Studio Cinesite added 16 light effects and layers of dust in the scene with the harvester. "For these scenes, there were several layers of dust of various sizes - says Supervisor Simon Stanley Klump (Simon Stanley-Clamp), - dust and boulders that throw right and left harvester - all the individual layers of the image. We also added a few panels with small studs to visually increase the size of the harvester, with the help of motion track. So when you see a close-up details of the harvester, it seems that it is larger than it actually is. Sam Rockwell also had to be removed on a green background - it was inserted into the lunar landscape later - in the scenes where he's sitting in the cockpit of the rover, or comes out of it. Artist Roger Gibbon create a panorama of the lunar landscape, as well as views of the Earth and the moon in space.

Ultimately, Cinesite shoveled 300 scenes for "Moon 2112».

It is surprising that skillfully juggles technology, even today it is possible to remove a very good fantasy film full of special effects for such ridiculous money!

"For 32 years old, I'm doing a model for the film," Moon 2112 "- a film that I'm most proud of, - said Bill Pearson. - When I first saw the finished film, I went out and shook hands with Duncan Jones ».


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