"Russian spirit - is a egregor sickly, cleaner Reich." From correspondence with Russian friend

[12:06:59] Alec Turchinsky (sunra): I'm starting to believe in psychotronic weapons or psychics work for the KGB - just when you look at Pu and believe everything involuntarily
[12:07:05] Alec Turchinsky (sunra): suggestion
[12:08:04] Alec Turchinsky (sunra): today looked at the map Russia, map of the world - plaque fly - well, where do you even territory! this is greed
[12:10:59] Anatoly Golubovskii: that yes. historically in the east at the time no one was seriously could not resist, and the climate - God forbid. Rushed back. snapped off. about fossils, of course, no one thought, well, it happened.
but some habits remain. Well, on the application of the Crimea "eliminate historical injustice" (this is the decision of Khrushchev) - to head off not nalazit. PEOPLE and Nitsche, hawala and asks supplements
[12:11:35] Alec Turchinsky (sunra): in this case as with the territory turn - from picnics - young punk bottles, etc. and ending neftesosaniem
[12:12:19] Alec Turchinsky (sunra): People hawala. Russian spirit - is a egregor sickly cleaner Reich
[12:12:35] Alec Turchinsky (sunra): for me all these events are positive
[12:13:09] Alec Turchinsky (sunra): I recently saw that I was still Russian, Russian DNA, the Russian spirit. Now the scales fell - it's just egregor
[12:13:19] Alec Turchinsky (sunra): matrix, fantasy
[12:13:46] Alec Turchinsky (sunra): how sweet singing that Russian propagandists never have conquered and not withdrawn lands
[12:17:11] Alec Turchinsky (sunra): in general, then having these areas and many minerals can create nothing, but quietly live. even though the Vedas written that those who have gone this way (there is a question of whole planets) are degraded. Only those who limit themselves to the use of material resources grew
[12:20:04] Alec Turchinsky (sunra): in short, all Russian subconsciously do not mind a new piece of land
[12:20:27] Anatoly Golubovskii: most - definitely


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