Photographs of the USSR in 1932. Photographer James Ebbe (64 photos)

American photographer James Ebbe (James Abbe) started out as a fashion photographer, taking pictures of the stars of Broadway and Hollywood, but then switched to photojournalism, including in 1927 and 1932 he spent some time he lived in the Soviet Union. Below are pictures of him from a book I Photograph Russia. Picture taken in 1932, the book was published in 1934. For photos are translated captions Ebbe.

«Long live the world revolution," reads a poster, while the Soviet workers marching on Red Square. The world revolution undoubtedly would happen if the industry has worked everywhere as well as in Russia.

Night in Moscow. The scene of incredible beauty. From the new Moscow Hotel your view moves from a moonlit river to the mighty Kremlin, its spiers and towers against the sky darkening

In the afternoon I looked at this scene from the window of my hotel, wondering where in the Kremlin is the purpose of my Russian travel and this book.

The Kremlin has an area of ​​100 acres and is surrounded by a high stone wall 2430 yards long. Somewhere inside this impressive palace on the right is the personal office of Stalin ... but I promised not to say where.

Masters mercilessly interrupting the immortal names in works of art of a century ago. The inscription "Romanovs" they are replaced by the "New Hotel Moscow." Tourists stealing silver spoons for souvenirs, as well satisfied.

Ice appears on the Moscow River just at dawn. People rise early to watch the ice flow.

Coronation throne on which the last king was crowned. This is one of the Kremlin churches -koronatsionnaya church - so called because it was used only for this purpose.

Sensation entire life, even for a seasoned veteran of photography. Sinister, cold as steel, mysterious and distant, Stalin, red king, never before and after that did not agree to pose for the photographer. (Reproduced with one of the two pictures ever signed by Stalin).

Twentieth anniversary of Truth, a government body. Parade and a giant banner emphasize that "the press should serve as an instrument of socialist education.»

If the selection of periodicals on trays too limited to attract many buyers, book series, by contrast, attracted many fans, especially university students.

PROHIBITED. The author was arrested for taking photographs of the railway scene. Starving peasants weeks waiting trains to go to that place, which seems to them to the Promised Land, where you can find enough food to survive.

Foreign engineers agree that women workers are more efficient and reliable than men. Photographer who photographed bathing beauties in Hollywood, will find here a little beauty, but a lot of muscle.

PROHIBITED. Photographing any queue - a taboo, especially if it is the turn of the products. Risking author photographed view the queue lining up for a time before the opening of the store that the author did not even dare to say.

Hospital Dnieprostroi modern and well equipped. Her rentgenkabinetom maternity ward and examples of modern organizations, different staff enthusiasm and efficiency. Bolshevik triumph.

Be it ever so humble ... This photo shows the house Dnieprostroi workers and child of one of them, turning his back.

First of May more than a million Red Army soldiers and workers forced to pass on Red Square. In the foreground, two hundred privileged ticket holders: correspondents, journalists, diplomats and capitalists ...

Balls run at thirty below zero and tiny Bolsheviks submitted a breath of fresh air, although the weight and density of blankets make you think whether the correct word "breathe».

"We have nothing to lose but their chains" - the slogan of the workers in these processions organized mandatory. Passing through the Red Square they should look as if "break their chains».

Pioneers, organized to sell bonds treasury bonds for a second five-year plan. Subscription, of course, voluntary, but let heaven help to those who will buy at least one.

PROHIBITED. Accident is taboo. Here on Red Square there was one, when horse artillery, galloped at breakneck speed. Slogan in Chinese, repeated in five languages, reads "Long live the Soviet Republic.»

Twice a year, on May 1 and November 7, 7000 Red-headed soldiers march more than a million workers during forced parade. Group at the tomb of Lenin, from right to left: Kalinin, Ordzhonikidze, Voroshilov, Stalin, Molotov, and Gorky.

Litvinov, luxurious robber under the old regime and diplomatic super-distributor of Bolshevism in the new, enfant terrible of the Geneva conference, a prominent Soviet dignitary who "never gives interviews." A huge world map in the background.

Wife and children photographer James Ebbe.

Church in the village Kliazma typical Russian church. In the cities of the few bells that were not melted, not call, but in the province 60% of churches still works.

Suburban newsstand. It is incredible that you will find here New York Times, Fortune and Harper's Bazaar. Sale of strawberries.

In your day off Muscovites stretch for sports grounds. Strength, agility, speed and endurance are welcome in the country tending to the maximum physical development.

Church funeral in the streets is prohibited, but tolerated in cemeteries, where one hundred percent Bolsheviks never go. In remote areas, which does not reach the propaganda, the peasants mourn their dead, resting in the coated paper coffins.

PROHIBITED. The train is about the same strategic importance as your commuter tram. But rules are rules: "Do not take photos" - one of the main Soviet among the ten commandments and the railway stations - the exclusion zone.

On the facade of the hotel Metropol: Church protects the wealth stolen from the exploited masses. Children of Light kindness: inscription left to right - Russian priest, his brother pig.

Director of the anti-religious museum in the ancient Donskoy Monastery in Moscow. He sits in a chair and father abbot at his desk - but with completely different goals!

Comrade Smidovich Soviet Antichrist, CEO of anti-religious activities. His shadow on the wall of the office extends to Russian ground to put out the light that people lived twenty centuries.

Praying in the church near the Kremlin. Mostly women, as young men do not like to communicate with something religious.

This church was closed, but its priceless treasures icons and give reasons for its sokraneniya as an art gallery. Unfortunate circumstances, but he opposes atheistic huge poster on the right.

Hand fallen saint rises, as if asking the heavens, among the Holocaust by Soviet anti-religious propaganda.

Anti-religious museum. Poster informs German tourists that the struggle against religion is the struggle for socialism. Grotesque figure of the bishop has been used in a parody of Christianity, in a Moscow theater.

Women and men bathe almost together, but the first upstream and the latter below.

Carved wooden statue of Christ of the three abandoned churches. Dark spot on the raised hand of the central figure - a place where she kissed centuries peasants. "It is absurd and unsanitary" authorities say.

Jewish temples were desecrated as well as Christian, their altars "liquidated." Here, a collection of Jewish sacred relics among other "superstitions" in the anti-religious museum.

Fantasy, illusion, sverhestestvennoe allowed only in the Moscow Art Theatre Stanislavsky. Realism and materialism of the important elements of the Bolshevik faith. A scene from "Blue Bird" Maeterlinck.

In contrast to the capitalist entertainment, this picture is not offered on stage charmed the audience and backstage photographer fascinated.

Old soldiers never die ... if they were prisoners in Tsarist times, they go to rest in this luxurious home. Not all of them Communists, but they are veterans, dreaming, struggling, to plot and throw bombs in tsarist times.

Moscow's famous Cabera, now home of the peasant. He is always full, this beautiful gesture Councils in relation to those farmers who adhere to the red path (not both).

If his horse wins, the young Soviet racing fan can fulfill national dream - a bourgeois luxury eat to satiety.

PROHIBITED. Another bold image: her military and booth hours! The building in the background - formerly the palace of Catherine the Great, and then something like the harem to the king's officials, and now it houses the Academy of Military Aviation.

Roth red pilots strike Russian troops on parade in front of the headquarters. Corner room on the second floor has a bedroom of Napoleon, when he visited Moscow in 1812.

Catherine the Great ballroom club now Air Force Academy. Pleasant place to relax after a day of intense study Liberty engines.

This is not a soldier of the musical comedy, but Comrade Major Sumarokova, the only female pilot in the Red Army and commander of the experimental station, which includes a battalion of male pilots.

PROHIBITED. This photo has caused another author's arrest. How Come? Because photographed railway. Note modern equipment ... hectic work ... successful, well-dressed children.

PROHIBITED. In the Donets Basin, one of the best road highway in Russia. Innocent photos, but verboten, because the power of photography may find that they do not function as powerful as we are trying to convince.

PROHIBITED. Turn the garment. Photographer again risked his camera, death neck and immortal soul, forbidden to capture the scene.

The peasants came to the open market with a small amount of food - potatoes. Unfortunately, the cost was far too high. Buyers are not found, so that the potatoes went back to the village.

When famine in the country, children drop out of first. Paternal government adopts them, educate, teach the craft and makes them useful little Bolo.

While farmers are starving, your foreign dignitaries eats very well ... especially if you sign a statement that did not see the hunger in the Donbass.

Lubyanka Square - photo prohibited. GPU officer stood just to the left of the photo. They destroy the wall of China-town and would have destroyed everything in general, if not for currency tourists who love to look at the old days.

PROHIBITED. GPU soldiers lined up near the Kremlin wall. In the background, a monument to John Reed, American Communist, who is buried next to Lenin.

White elephants Kremlin. The largest bell and the biggest gun in the world. The first exhibit fell and broke before it rang. From the second never fired because of errors design.

PROHIBITED. The funeral of Stalin's wife. On every roof snipers with rifles. The order was to shoot at the windows if they are open. Author fifteen times risked his life by making 15 shots from the Grand Hotel.

The building of socialism means the destruction of a lot, whether it is the whole yard of the famous Winter Palace in Leningrad (the following will be fine gate) or another sentenced church.

Sometimes even the most staunch skeptic must take my hat off Bolo for first-class job. Ukrainian government building in Kharkov - a beautiful piece of architecture.

On campus in Moscow. Are they ready for exams or lunch in the cafeteria of the University, students are the same as everywhere else in the world.

Waitresses learn their work in perfect restaurant combine. Young Komsomol teaches children drama. Rural group brought to the city to celebrate May Day.

Museum of Anthropology, University of Moscow boasts the largest collection of human skulls in the world. Employees of the museum cataloging soldiers another war.

Five enemies, from left to right. The top row - bureaucrat, a man, a foreign journalist, capitalist. Bottom row - a drunkard, a priest, a Menshevik, a military engineer. The new Russian technology is moving forward under the banner of "sectarian destroy things».


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