At the same time, and sister helped

When to Salman Amin Khan in 2004 asked his cousin Nadia, who has not obtained a friendship with mathematics, no one imagined that will result in helping his brother.
At that time, he worked as an analyst at a large financial sector fund. As the sister lived in Louisiana, Salman Khan has made a drawing program from the network and conducted a rapid rate. Nadia everything turned out great. Appeared followers. When Salman no longer cope with the influx of wanting to boost its mathematical level, he began to make clips and merge them on YouTube. Online people could learn for free.
In 2009 there was a dilemma - a job or training, and Salman resigned from the Fund and fully immersed in their online academy. Because it was not just the mathematical literacy campaign. It was filmed over four thousand clips in mathematics, physics and chemistry, which will soon add a course on computer cases and humanitarian aid - art history and English.
To date, the subscribers Salman eight hundred and fifty thousand people. The creator of the Academy wrote a book about his experiences - The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined - School of One World, New View On Education ยป.
He recently appeared in the London School of Economics. Economically educated narodec tried to ask him a tricky question - say, and what his business model. The speaker replied honestly that did not even care about the model and immediately asked a reciprocal question - who uses his course? And half the audience responded that did so.
In material terms for quite a long time Salman had from his personal project. Google itself and then soared over the question of how to transform the success of YouTube plane overall popularity in the financial plane. On the life of the founder of the Academy of flipping means friend who learned about the project at the Festival of Ideas in Aspen, Colorado. Acted there among others a certain Bill Gates, who told the world that teaches its children to the clips Salman.
Here is a man decided to help a good undertaking. Well, in 2010, Google has thrown a couple of lemon green to expand the language base.
And already this year the project pulled Carlos Slim. Announced that it will finance the translation into Spanish of clips.
Oh and guys, tell the man to soar over the question of the business model, when he makes the case interesting and necessary for so many people?


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