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In the near future, the young actress and singer Selena Gomez will be (drum roll) will be, will be ... no, you do not think, not mom and older sister. Her mother Mandy waits for the child, which is already in full in the newspapers. That is so not yet born to little brother or sister Selena came to fame and popularity. 19-year-old rising star is happy, as madly in love with the children, and for his mother, who endorsed her relationship with Justin Bieber, she is also pleased. Selena for 12 years in films / series and are engaged in music, so fans have plenty of young stars, and all the latest news she shares with fans via his Twitter page. Photos that puts Selena, not original, but it can be clearly seen on the girl does not tend to grow that nowadays rare ... See photos of charming, young and purposeful Selena, and at the same time and read excerpts from her interview.

"I was never one of those girls who try to imitate others and be like them externally. I think you look better if you will on the side of the masses »

"Be yourself, no one better!»

"I love every minute of this life ... I found my calling after the second stage - Mercy»

"Since my childhood I lived on stage, even in the 6 years I slept for seating in the theater»

"I remember one time when my mother and I watched" The Nutcracker ", I cried. She asked why I was crying, and I said that I was sorry that I in the room, not on the stage ... »

"I starred in episodes of the TV series" Life of Zack and Cody "and" Hannah Montana. " In the series "Hannah Montana" Everyone was so nice, but I had to play a nasty girl. I do not go by the way that McKale - I love Miley! »

"This is - one of the craziest rumors that I have heard say that I am and Miley enmity. That's not true! I love Miley to death! »

"I really do not like to dress up. Some people probably think that if you're an actress, so should dress up. I walk most of the time with a "ponytail" and jeans »

"I once said," Daddy, I want a ring integrity. " He went to church and received the blessing. He thinks that I can apply to young people an example. I'm going to hold back my promise, I want to be honest with yourself, my family and God »

"Be yourself always, always will be better!»

"I would like to participate in a band, and not to be mixed up around itself. And I do not want to be a solo artist. Perhaps I do not want my name was involved. Basically I want to do a fun music that will appeal to both children and their parents. Just to have a good time »

"I gave up the Internet, boycotted MySpace and Facebook, stopped reading comments! As a result, I feel much more comfortable! Life has become easier! »

"You'll never know who your true friend in Hollywood ...»

"I can not count how many pairs of sneakers I have»


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