Selena Gomez

All have seen stunning outfits Selena Gomez (Selena Gomez). No wonder it has earned the title of one of the most stylishly dressed stars. Presumably, Selena huge wardrobe. And what about the "beach wear"? How many swimsuits Selena? It turns out, not so much.

Selena is not particularly bother, preferring a minimum of accessories and simplicity. And yet, in my opinion, it is possible to look at the "five points". And every year it looks even better ...

-So What good kids caught Selena and asked to take a picture with her for memory. And that's what came out of it - wet and disheveled Selena in a swimsuit red-colored fire for decades immortalized in a form on the World Wide Web.

The shooting of the next film. Los Angeles, 2008. Selena in the company of his fellow actors having fun on the beach, playing outdoor games.

Puerto Rico in 2010. Selena whether engaged in recreational activities on the beach, or posing for photographers in the magazine ... and swimsuits chose very nice. White lilac stripes. It is a pity that it is almost invisible under the jersey.

Paparatstsi vycledili Selena plyazhe nA nA cemkah filma "Monte-Karlo" where ona vacationing in otkrytom golubom bikini. Yes ... the girl has matured. Notice that now active recreation she prefers passive sunbathing on a lounger?

Hawaii. 2011. And selenium in a trendy bikini saturated crimson hue. Swimsuit - super! Hairstyle - too! And the little accessory - sunglasses. Overall - a glamorous beach views.

Sunny Florida. Miami. Selena relaxing by the pool at the hotel. Notice how carefully she sees to it that the rope by a bathing suit did not prevent it even tan without white stripes on the body.

Well, wait, kogda Celena Gomez razmenyaet vtoroy decyatok. Obychno in vozracte znamenitoctyam verily begins to "demolish the roof," they cnimayutsya nude drunk popadayutsya fotografam, delayut tatuirovki begin to shave their heads ... And that Selena Gomez is one of the most decent Stars. And her modest swimwear is only prove!


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