History of Russia in pictures (50 photos)

Cool pictures of the Union from the beginning to the end. Individual stories in the history of the country.

Street photographer, 1920.

«Songs not sing. Vodka drink. Keep quiet. " The fight in the yard doss-house, 1895 | Photo: Mikhail Dmitriev

In Russia - the first Russian revolution. Writer Maxim Gorky pokes broom opera singer Feodor Chaliapin, 1905.

Futurist poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, 1920 | Photo: Abram Shterenberg

Cabby watered with water horse 1924

Gym class at the Uzbek school, 1935 | Photo: George Zelma

And fun, and scary. Comrade Stalin welcome young pioneers, 1935 | Photo: Ivan Shahin

"Are we to stand still?" The parade of athletes on Red Square, 1936 | Photo: Ivan Shahin

Uzbek athletes parade? No, it's the builders of the Great Fergana Canal, 1939 | Photo: Max Alpert

Trams on Nevsky rose, people with smiles on their faces fleeing to the shelter. One of the first bombing of Leningrad, June 24, 1941 | Photo by Gregory Devil

A little more than three months before the beginning of the occupation of Kharkov by the Germans. Service in one of the churches in the city, 1941 | Photo: Simon Friedland

The farmers are considering a downed German plane, 1944 | Photo: George Zelma

The end of the war. Victory Salute to the Red Square in Moscow on May 9, 1945 | Photo: Boris Kudoyarov

Footballers Moscow "Dynamo" in London, November 1945 | Photo: Ivan Shahin

Assembling cars ZIS-110 at the Moscow Automobile Plant, 1946 | Photo: Ivan Shahin

Marshal Semyon Budyonny on parade November 7, 1947 on Red Square

Leningrad Avenue near the stadium "Dinamo" before a football match, 1949 | Photo: Ivan Shahin

The famous football goalkeeper Alex Khomich, 1950 | Photo: Michael Botashev

Stalin died - someone crying, someone happy. The funeral of the leader on the Red Square, 1953 | Photo: Peter Chernov

The theme of the decade - the development of virgin lands. Tselinnik preparing dinner on the field camp, 1955 | Photo: Isaac Tunkel

An unprecedented event - a week of French film in Moscow! Philip Gerard, the famous Tulip Fanfan, among Muscovites, 1955 | Photo: Yakov Berliner

Hunter with a wounded duck, 1956 | Photo: Nikolai Kozlovsky

Torah reading in a Moscow synagogue, 1956 | Photo: Yakov Berliner

Another incredible event for Moscow in those years - Youth Festival 1957. In virtually closed to foreign countries came thousands of delegates of the festival from all over the world. It was fun and unusual | Photo: Ivan Shahin

In this photo RIAN archive signed simply: "Students in the classroom." However, if you look closely, the students do a writing assignment in Hindi - in the late fifties we strongly friends with India and, apparently, in some cases even begun to teach children the language of a friendly state | Photo: Vladimir Minkevich

The boys call on street phone, 1961 | Photo: Oleg Neelov

Incomparable Maya Plisetskaya. That it was in 1963 | Photo by Alexander Tikhanov

Physics and lyrics - the theme early 60s. Famous, iconic picture of Vladimir Tarasevich "Duel», 1963.

Photo beautiful, but the date makes me doubt. I think this scene took off for a couple of years earlier. Schoolboy, 1963 | Photo: Mikhail Ozerskiy

Severe everyday life of the Baltic occupation. Students Vilnius Art School playing football after school, 1964

Vilnius, 1965. Miniskirts there appeared a couple of years before | Photo: Marius Baranauskas

Dmitri Shostakovich, 1965 | Photo: Mikhail Ozerskiy

Fantastic photo hunter from Kyrgyzstan, 1966 | Photo: Edward Wilczynski

"Prague Spring". Hard dialogue on the street, 1968. | Photo: Valeriy Shustov

Trainer Stepan Isaakyan (right) on the Black Sea beach, 1967 | Photo: Yuri Somov

The word "auto repair" will go down in the lexicon of Soviet man a little later. And in 1969, a broken-down car on the road need to repair their own | Photo by Alexey Shcherbakov

In the late 60's Lyudmila Tourischeva knew the whole country. At 16, she became the Olympic champion at the Games in 1968 in Mexico City | Photo: Dmitry Donskoy

70 - the heyday of Soviet aviation | Photo: Alex Polikashin

Military pilots at the airport, 1970

Rocketry before the parade on Red Square November 7, 1970.

Great doctor Nikolai Amosov, 1973 | Photo: Max Alpert

CPSU General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev, 1973 | Photo by Vladimir Malyshev

Mirror of the soul of Soviet man late 70's - Alla Pugacheva, 1979 | Photo: Andrew Naidenov

On a farm in the village of losevodcheskoy Sumarokovo Kostroma Region, 1979 | Photo: Vyacheslav Bobkov

Friends, 1981 | Photo: Victor Chistyakov

Grandmaster Mikhail Tal, 1982 | Photo: Dmitry Donskoy

Restoration work on the Mamaev Hill, 1986 | Photo: Vitaly Arutyunov

Soldiers return from Afghanistan, 1986 | Photo: Yuri Somov

Earthquake in Spitak, 1988 | Photo: Alexander Makarov

Moscow, August 22, 1991 | Photo by Alexey Fedoseyev


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