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Once again I would like to raise utterly hackneyed theme of poor roads.
There is a regional route R-139 in the Tula region Tula Belev (via Odoev)
The will of fate I often have to go through it.
What can I say, it does not run and is not expensive - it's a nightmare. About 60% of the track is just in disrepair (see. Photo).
The photos clearly shows the depth and size of the holes in the road surface (for comparison, some pictures in the pit staged a pack of cigarettes to estimate the size of potholes). On the track there is no markings at all. This is the question about the guest. The road gets probably the only guests for a tank firing range, not otherwise.
Often used for travel or counter roadside strip on the photo you can see it too. Alas, but in a different way just does not pass. The road is dotted with broken wheels with hubcaps, broken discs. There are machines with broken ball, etc.

Lord officials, Mr. Governor, what is this mess? Even if the scope of the problem of money, do not do local repair? !!! No new asphalt, but at least the old patched!
For a complete visual sensations, to gather all those responsible in the military UAZ-iki, and a ride on a track at a speed of 90 km / h.
I would like to ask for what I'm paying vehicle tax, tax included in the price of gasoline? Why am I paying for later repairs of suspension in the car? Somehow expensive out! Lord officials, you do not understand, because you have a car service and repair at the expense of the state, not from his own pocket. I very much hope that this position will fall into the field of view of the Governor, the Prime Minister and the President.

I'm not the first who wrote about the poor condition of roads in the Tula region. Below are links to video clips on the state of the roads in the town of Aleksin and Belev in the Tula region. Since I am familiar with these cities firsthand - safe to say that the video is presented it is not the full extent of the disaster. My photos in enclosure.


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