Life in an unusual apartment

In Tokyo, the place is small, a lot of people, and all have to live somewhere. And if you are not rich, but, nevertheless, want to live in this city, you have only one option - to live in the apartment, which is a cross between a closet, a shelf compartment or box.

This house has a shared bathroom with shower, and a "room" for guests, where even stand up to his full height impossible. Suffering from claustrophobia this option just will not work. These rooms are located in several floors - a feeling that you are sleeping in a closet in the attic.

"These rooms can be the size of two tatami mats," - says the 24-year-old resident who hopes soon to start their own business. In Japan, the floor covered with such traditional tatami mats and floor space is generally measured by them. The standard size of the mat - 1, 6 square meters, typically the size of a small Japanese room is 4, 5 or 6-tatami mats. The future businessman admitted that now even a room he had no money, so you have to settle for "closet».


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