10 gorgeous cartoon that is worth seeing all

Cartoon as a genre has long ceased to be only children. There are very special animated films, which may be of interest to people of all ages. They contain something incredibly attractive for both children and adults.

Therefore, Website made for you a selection of cartoons that you can watch and forget about everything.

Memories of Marnie 78c2b9f80b.jpg

A closed and uncommunicative Anna sent to the village to stay with relatives tighten health and make friends with local children. On the first day she goes to the beach and sees a beautiful large house in the shallows. When they reached him, the girl met with Marnie, his same age, living in this house. This friendship helps Anna finally come to terms with themselves and the world around them.

Song of the Sea 8bf5bf6995.jpg

Young Saoirse lives in a small but comfortable house near the sea with his brother, father and dog on the Ku nickname. One night Saoirse walks into his parents' bedroom and finds a beautiful white coat, which immediately dress up. Suddenly, the girl hears the voice of his mother, who disappeared immediately after birth Saoirse. The voice calling her to the sea and tells her very personal secret mom ...

The Tale of Princess Kaguya 1f5abbcad1.jpg

bamboo Miyatsuko collector is one of the stems of a creature that looks like a tiny princess. Miyatsuko and his wife adopt the girl, which immediately becomes a normal-looking baby. But this is only in appearance. Cartoon with unusual animation and a thrilling story.

The Secret of Kells 5adab760c3.jpg

Outside IX century. In the Irish boonies hid ancient Abbey of Kells, directs them authoritarian Abbot. Brought them nephew orphan named Brendan - boy nice and capable. His life changes dramatically with the arrival of the famous master painter and custodian unusual unfinished book with illustrations.

Book of Life 4da1009b48.jpg

Once again watching the live, two Mexican spirit saw two friends fall in love with a girl and decided to bet. Those whose candidate marries a girl first, get a whole new world of the dead. Play does not want to win and they are willing to resort to the most sophisticated tools.

Ernest and Celestine 035e9972c8.jpg

Mouse Celestine dreams of becoming an artist. But, unfortunately, by the rules "of the mouse world" it must be a dentist, exactly like all her relatives. For practice it is necessary to obtain a few dropped bears teeth (dangerous predators that feed on mice). During one of the raids Celestine gets into trouble and gets acquainted with the bear Ernest.

Magical forest bb5ce0850d.jpg

The thicket lives a little family: stern father-hunter and his son. The boy had never seen anyone other than his father, and never been anywhere except the forest. When it goes beyond the thicket and meets the sweet and smiling girl Manu, immediately falls in love. He discovers

loss 03704b0cc6.jpg new feeling and want to find the same "love" and his lonely father.

"Loss" - adaptation of children's picture books. The action develops in a post-apocalyptic Melbourne, when the boy, collecting bottle caps, meets an unusual creature and tries to find out its origin. Cartoon of the fact that in a world where people seem to look the same, you can (and should as much as possible) to be especially kind, attentive and responsive.

Giraffe d8933a44bc.jpg

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Little boy Maki overcomes great distances, experiencing incredible adventures and gets into dangerous situations only to return to his best friend - giraffe Zarafu. The cartoon is based on a true story about the giraffe, made the trip from Sudan through Egypt to France to be a gift to the French king Charles X.

Boy and world eab5799157.jpg

The life of a little boy who lives in the Brazilian outback, changes dramatically at a time when his father went to the city to work. Yearning for a parent, the boy and he goes on a journey, wanting to restore the family. On this trip, he will meet a variety of people and learn a lot about the world. Cartoon animation with unusual touches deep inner values.

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