How should I take the subway (9 photos)

Interesting tips and educational facts about how best to ride the subway.

1. If you know the station on which you want to get up, get in the train is on the correct side.
Then you will not cross the flow of people, which is to break the output.

2. In the summer it would be not so hot do not go into the first door of the car,
since the beginning of the car barely walk airflows.

3. If you do not enter the door of the first and last chance to get a seat multiplied by 2.

4. If the station has one input safely go to the end of the station, people are lazy and the car will be less clogged.

5. The most convenient standing place inside the car and not in the spaces in front of the doors.
Because if you stand at the door, which will not be opened, you are going.
If you stand at the door, which open, you just giving out on necks and more at the station.

6. If you stand and what you do not stay, try to face or back to the door, damping foot far from the direction of the train.
So much easier to resist.

7. If your weight category lets not let himself pushed when cluttered up the car, and the train ride starts, you will be much more comfortable.

8. Take a backpack or bag and keep in the hands. Robbers have not robbed.
Not someone who will not swear at you. Yes, and most will be easier.

9. And of course, give in place of the old ladies, the expectant mother and the veterans mental labor.


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