What do you think, how old is she?

Look closely at the picture and think - how old is this girl?
Learn the correct answer in the continuation of the post!

This, by the way, she and her daughter.

And then do not understand any of them the daughter :)

48-year-old Yasmin Le Bon, famous fashion model in the past, and her 23-year-old daughter became new faces Monsoon.
Mother and daughter pose new collection Spring-Summer 2013 in a photo shoot and appear in the image of oriental princesses.

Yasmin says that does not use any special miracle creams.
Maybe she just got lucky with the genes and the structure of the face.

The model admits that she never raise a hand to throw beauty-tools, even if they do not fit her.
"When I feel that the serum or cream - not mine, then mix them with the cream for the body, and it turns out the cream of my own production," - she laughs.

Whatever it was, but from advertising contracts no end.
"I will work as long as they offer - says Yasmin.
- I always try to be in shape, although my body is already beginning to gradually lose their tone, because I have three children.
But I recommend that all women - even if there is no time - go to the gym, go in person or with a coach like me and all my friends ยป.


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