Breakfast in the different countries of the world (17 photos)

Breakfasts in different countries differ greatly. Let's see what people eat from different corners of the planet? Which would you choose breakfast?

Australia: cold cereal with milk and toast with pasta "Vedzhemayt".

Brazil: ham, cheese, bread and coffee with milk

China Breakfasts vary from region to region, but the most popular dish similar to dumplings called dim sim

Colombia: Bogota's traditional soup changua, which are used for the preparation of milk, green onions and eggs

Cuba: coffee with milk and Tostado - fried in butter slices of bread. Bread made to dip in coffee

England: scrambled eggs, bacon, beans and mushrooms

France: croissants and coffee

Germany: cold meats, sausages, local cheeses and freshly baked bread

India idli cakes - a traditional dish of the southern part of the country. They are made from black lentils and rice and served with local spices

Italy: cappuccino with cookies

Japan: miso soup, rice, steamed and Japanese pickles

Morocco: a sandwich with jam, cheese or butter

Nigeria: many ethnic groups, and a wide variety of breakfast. One of the most popular morning dishes - my, my. This bean paste, wrapped in leaves and steamed.

Portugal: croissants with fillings, or bread with jam or cheese and coffee

Turkey: bread, cheese, butter, olives, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, jam, honey and clotted cream dairy product. In addition, traditional breakfast included sudzhuk - spicy Turkish sausage and Turkish tea

United States: the tradition in different places are different, but the most typical breakfast includes eggs, thick pancakes, bacon or cereal.


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