Mercedes F500

The new car prototype "Mercedes F500" embodied virtually all the technology of the day after tomorrow the world automotive industry. Its designers decided to look ten years ahead and create the car in 2015 today. And the "F500" - is not the layout or showpiece, but a real fully operational car.
The car of the near future will look like a hybrid sedan, wagon and coupe. German designers reasoned that mass car of the future should be elegant, spacious and at the same time compact. The average motorist in 2015 certainly want to have a roomy minivan, elegant coupe crossover and practical in one. As a result of their crossing and turned "F500" - a mixture of almost all currently existing types of passenger cars. Which will be the most popular engine in the coming decades? The choice fell on the Germans diesel hybrid that is a mixture of diesel and electric motors. This combination gives engines dvadtsatiprotsentnym gain in fuel consumption compared to conventional diesel engines. The savings are even higher when the car creeps in urban traffic, because the car on the electric motor starts (with a capacity of 68 hp) and diesel engine (4-liter capacity and 250 hp) factory only when the car naberaet decent speed. Therefore, the traditional starter "F500" is no more. Charging the battery takes place under braking.

Seriously job creators of the "Mercedes" of the future and over the doors. Rear doors can be opened in both directions, and it can be opened and with the side stand (vacuuming so comfortable lounge and get out from under the seat change) ...

In the car, the designers of the future "Mercedes" have decided to completely abandon the pedals. The reasons for this are several. Firstly, the pedal can injure the driver's legs in case of an accident. Secondly, the openings in the partition between the engine and passenger compartment deteriorate sound insulation. Without holes for the pedals in the car will be almost hear the engine. In addition, the pedal has long lost its primordial purpose - all electronically controlled systems. But really do without them, too, is impossible: how else to command the car to accelerate or slow down, because the driver's hands are busy driving? Designers "F500" to accept a compromise solution - under the driver's feet on a special mat with built-in pressure sensors. First, the driver "F500" will probably be pretty easy to get a foot in the right place on the rug and not to confuse the "pedal". But over time the foot is already automatically find the correct position.
Laser lights do not blind oncoming cars, because their light is not visible to the human eye

The car of the future, and no usual steering - it was replaced by something like a control knob on the plane. No electric or hydraulic actuators provided by: electronic steering. But to give the driver feel that he is still turning the wheel, and not just, as in a computer toy, rotates the joystick - mounted electric motor in the steering, which creates resistance to turning the steering wheel.

Turn on the receiver in the "F500", no need to press the button - enough to give your computer a vehicle orders: "I want to listen to the radio." By the way, press the button in the car did not have to. Sensors react to the command when the finger approaches the button for a distance of five centimeters. Talking on a cell phone does not distract the driver from the road - the conversation is transmitted from the speaker. And his voice is heard only the driver, not the passengers - it is in the car used a highly directional sound.

Revolutionary changes were made and the car's headlights. Now foreign cars put galogenki powerful - but adequate "range" are easily blinded by oncoming cars. Therefore, replacing "high beam" to "F500" came to an infrared laser. Its beam is not visible to the human eye and reaches a distance of one hundred and fifty meters. A road picture camera is read and translated to the black and white display, located on the dashboard ...


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