People who saved the world

Peace on earth is supported not only by understanding the Heads of State, but also the activities of scientists, soldiers, doctors, intellectuals. It is no coincidence classic Russian literature FM Dostoevsky said that "Beauty will save the world", and this word he knew no external good looks and high spirituality, morality, desire to make men good and good. Today let's talk about the 7 people who saved the world from nuclear disaster and extended the lives of millions.

fire to save the Earth from

These words of the famous song always been the motto of the life of a soldier Evgrafovich Stanislav Petrov, who in the heyday of the "cold war" to prevent a nuclear explosion. It was September 26, 1983. On that day, Colonel Petrov was a secret operative on duty at the time the object Serpukhov-15. He watched the satellite system of the USSR. Around 24:00, the computer signaled the launch of 5 ballistic missiles with the US base.

Twice saved the world from nuclear war and Vasili Alexandrovich Arkhipov, who served on a submarine during the Cuban missile crisis. Replacing the commander of K-19 during cruising nuclear boats in the north, between Greenland and Norwegian seas, July 4 1961 boat accident occurred, in the elimination of which Vasili Arkhipov, and took an active part, while receiving significant dose of radiation.

Petrov was seriously scared. But he took himself in hand and having analyzed the situation, he concluded that the system worked by chance, and did not react. These conclusions were based on the fact that "starts" were produced from a single point and consisted of only a few ICBMs. But he informed the leadership that took over the search for the causes of the incident. The investigation led to such results: operation of sensors was due to their "blindness" sunlight reflected clouds. This allowed the converted GLONASS devices to continue to avoid such a situation.

In October 1962 he prevented the launch of a nuclear torpedo. On board the boat had nuclear weapons, but how to apply it, clear guidance was given. The only argument is spetsprikaz from Moscow and in the case of damage to the boat in the attack. And near Cuba Soviet submarine B-59 was surrounded by eleven American destroyers and an aircraft carrier, "Randolph," which was used against our depth charges to get them to rise from the depths. The commander of the submarine, Valentin Savitsky wanted to launch a nuclear torpedo response, but a senior on board Vasily Arkhipov stopped Savitsky, advising send a signal to terminate the provocation.

When the US administration took that message, "enemy" military forces have been withdrawn, and the situation has eased. On the day of the fortieth anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis, 13 October 2002, at a conference in Havana, Thomas Blanton of the George Washington University, said that "a guy by the name of Arkhipov saved the world».

Avenue of the righteous in Israel's Yad Vashem

"Who saved one life has saved the world»
In the Israeli Yad Vashem Righteous Alley has immortalized the people who rescued Jews. Ordinary people of different nationalities in the Holocaust under pain of death, risking the lives of their loved ones, hid Jews in attics and basements, cellars and barns. Such citizens all over the world there are more than 19 000 people.

Polish Schindler called Eugene Lazovsky, a doctor who saved thousands of Jews during the Holocaust. Simulate dangerous infectious disease outbreak in the ghetto with the help of vaccination Lazovsky prevent sending Jews from the area in a concentration camp. Fastidiously Germans, fearing contamination, afraid to approach this place and closed the ghetto to the quarantine. About 8 000 Jews were saved from the gas chambers and crematoria.

"The Man with the Golden Arm" - the so-called donor plasma Australian James Harrison. As a teenager seriously ill and moving a number of complex operations on the chest, he was rescued just donated blood, which poured 13 liters of it a total ease. Since then, the boy vowed that by the age of 18 he becomes a voluntary contributor. Harrison's blood is truly unique in its plasma had antibodies that block rhesus conflict in pregnancy, saving the future of the fruit of jaundice and bestow his life. Every three weeks, the 78-year-old (!) Man regularly delivers 400 milliliters of blood. For 60 years, this figure has increased 1,000 times. Thus, James Harrison has saved 2 million young mothers and their babies.

From pestilence saved the world American microbiologist Maurice Ralph Hilleman, who devoted his life to the development of 36 vaccines. 8 of its products are used in our days. Everywhere people are vaccinated against measles, meningitis, chicken pox, hepatitis A and B. Its flu vaccine, raging in 1957, saved the lives of 20 million people in various countries.

Through cell donation Henrietta Lacks African American scientists have cloned healthy stuff for humanity. A young woman ruined cancer, but bequeathed his body medicine, she has immortalized his name through the ages. Based on the healthy cells of the body to nurture its real instruments eternity. HeLa cells were subsequently served for the development of the polio vaccine, and today they are used in medicines for AIDS, cancer, radiation injuries.

More than 50 years of deaths during a crash to prevent the seat belt, invented by Swedish engineer, employee Volvo, Nils Bohlin. In his creation, he spent about a year, only to patent it in 1962, and the first tests of the device were carried out three years earlier. Today belt - a necessary condition for compliance with international standards of car. Recent studies have shown that the invention Bolin saved a million lives.


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