The best works from the competition Sony World Photography Awards 2014 (33 photos)

The jury of the annual competition Sony World Photography Awards, conducted by the World Organisation for photos, recently published a short list of candidates to win this year. At this time, the application for participation in the tender filed 140 thousand photographers from 166 countries. The names of the winners will be announced in March and April. Below are the best, in our opinion, interesting contest works this year:

1. "knight on horseback", Costa Rica

2. China, Jiangsu Province, the series of similar houses with a playground in the middle

3. The consequences of the typhoon Haiyang, Philippines November 19, 2013. Haiyang hit the central Philippines November 8, 2013 and caused catastrophic damage in the Philippine province of Leyte and Samar Island, several thousand people died.

4. Swimmers-man dive into the water during the World Cup, July 28, 2013, Barcelona, ​​Spain

4. Swimmers-man dive into the water during the World Cup, July 28, 2013, Barcelona, ​​Spain

6. Migration of wildebeest, which can be observed in Kenya every year in July

7. Snow train on the tracks leading to the port of Gdynia, Poland

8. Look on top of the river delta in Iceland

9. Youth and summer rain

10. cry bride

11. Hindu pilgrims go through the pontoon bridges to take part in the Maha Kumbh Mela (festival jug), which is held in India every 12 years. This is the most massive religious pilgrimage in the world

12. A 16 year old twins and Maurizio Gennaro autistic

13. After one of the concerts of wind music in Serbia

14.Monahi of brotherhood "Las Aguas" in anticipation of the beginning of repentance in Seville, Spain, March 25, 2013

15. Svalbard, Norway

16. Skiers, Poland

17.Raneny with a friend in the hospital waiting for their turn, Latin America

18. Mongolian Kazakhs

19. Planted in the bath the dog tries to save the remnants of his canine dignity

20.Vnutri abandoned cooling towers

21. The Inuit hunted bowhead whales from time immemorial

22. Neighborhood scampi in Naples, under the control of the Neapolitan mafia organization "Camorra"

23. Jorge Herrera starts preparing for the upcoming battle for several months, exercising three hours in the morning and evening

24. Dance

25. Thousands of Hindus pray in front of the temple, Bangladesh

26. The 22-year-old Marlene Mark took center "Doctors Without Borders", after beating her with a knife and cut her own husband

27. Sylvinite mine

28. The Tower of David was supposed to be a beautiful 45-story skyscraper in downtown Caracas height of 195 meters. Construction began in 1990 and in 1994 as a result of the financial crisis, construction, completed up to 60%, stopped

29. Cub orangutan

30. Rescuers pull survivors from the rubble after the collapse of the eight houses in the area of ​​Dhaka, Bangladesh, April 24, 2013

31. Home

32. In the five-year Emmy - Down syndrome. Her parents had to work hard so that she could attend a regular kindergarten. This they did, so communication skills and social behavior of the girls have improved significantly

33. Nice to dive into the lake after a mud bath


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