Man - hamaleon (75 photos)

You probably already come across some amazing works of Chinese artist Liu Bolin. He is renowned for being able to "merge" with any surrounding landscape, becoming almost invisible. We offer you the most complete collection of his photographs.

Bolin is often called "chameleon man" and his work is only a photograph can not be called: it includes and body art and painting. Actually, he turned to photography for political reasons. In the autobiographical book "The Invisible Man" Bolin said that in 2005 the Chinese government decided to demolish the entire village of artists, among whom was his workshop. Since then, he decided to become an invisible man. That is his work - a kind of way to draw attention to the problem of violations of the rights of artists in China.

To prepare for each of the pictures that you see below, Bolin took an average of 10 hours. Try to find them on the artist:


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